Delores Ramona du Houx, Communications and Executive Director of Maine Insights Newsmagazine

Ramona du Houx is the Executive Director of Maine Insights newsmagazine which she founded in 2005, as well as a writer, photographer and illustrator. She’s cofounder of the non-profit Solon Center for Research and Publishing, a cause-oriented organizer,  Director of the Solon Center’s gallery, Fukurou, and owns Insights-public relations. She has published a novel, short stories, various news features and articles in the American Indian Smithsonian, as well as children’s poems. As a public relations specialist she’s put together campaigns, written grants, opeds, designed websites, logos and ads. In 2018 she organized an Elected Officials to Protect America group of 80 veterans who are lawmakers from across the nation to help reauthorize the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund.