Elected Officials to Protect America (EOPA) California is a network of elected officials committed to bold climate action, environmental justice, and fossil fuel-free communities for all Californians. We work to ensure a just transition to 100% clean energy economy. 

We are also engaged in making sure offshore wind is accelerated to meet the state’s energy goals, while creating thousands of jobs for a clean energy economy.

Local Leaders Protecting Communities

Local elected officials are taking bold actions to protect their communities from harmful oil and gas production. Setting an example for the state to follow, EOPA California members have:

  • Created public health setbacks for oil and gas development in Arvin, Huntington Beach, and Ventura County
  • Banned fracking in Alameda, Santa Cruz Counties, and the city of Beverly Hills
  • Passed a resolution to phase out oil drilling in Culver City
  • Blocked construction of a gas-fired generating station in Oxnard
  • Announced the phase out of gas-fired plants in Los Angeles
  • Passed a Just Transition motion to plug and remediate nonproductive oil wells in Los Angeles County

Cities, towns, and counties have shown the way. See our catalog of local action to learn more. To ensure the health, safety and futures of every Californian, it’s time for the State to step up and do its part, too.

Join our oil and gas efforts by signing our letter to Governor Newsom.

Leaders Spotlight

Katie Valenzuela

“We cannot call California a leader on climate if we fail to protect communities of color and low income that have been ignored for too long.” ~ Katie Valenzuela

Councilmember Katie Valenzuela serves the people of Sacramento’s District 4. Her fundamental belief that people deserve a voice in decisions that impact them has guided her for over two decades of professional and volunteer work in community organizing and policy advocacy. Katie was the first Sacramento appointee to California’s AB 32 Environmental Justice Advisory Committee, where she became co-chair during the 2030 Target Scoping Plan process. Katie started a consulting firm to focus on supporting state-level and local groups fighting to achieve environmental justice. She was soon tapped to be the first consultant for the Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies, and then became Policy & Political Director for the California Environmental Justice Alliance.

Jovanka Beckles

“Environmental justice is a matter of survival – California oil is among the dirtiest crude in the entire world producing more pollutants and destructive gas than any other, three quarters of fracking wells in California are within 600 meters of groundwater sources; this threatens our water supply.” ~ Jovanka Beckles

Director Jovanka Beckles, Richmond AC Transit, Ward 1, is a movement organizer, a former two-term Richmond City Councilmember, a longtime leader in the Richmond Progressive Alliance, a children’s mental health professional. 

Jovanka has worked as a counselor, youth educator, team builder and strategist, client advocate, crime prevention specialist, housing case manager for the homeless, and mental health specialist for 32 years and has been a small business owner in the City of Richmond.


Alex Walker-Griffen

“This is an all hands on deck situation and everyone has a stake in what we do. The oil industry continues to rake in billions of dollars with no regard for how it hurts communities that are already suffering from inflation, and the dangerous effects of fossil fuel pollution on our health and climate. People deserve justice. ” ~ Alex Walker-Griffen

As Mayor of Hercules, Alex Walker-Griffen, a veteran, passed a law for all new development to be one 100%  electric. Additionally, for homes  or buildings that are remodel – more than 50% has to switch  to electric. He’s currently working to bring 7 electric vehicle charging station to his city.

He works every day for equality and equity for his community.

Featured News

MARCH 10, 2022 4:55 AM

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – “With all due respect for the work the Governor has achieved in our race to save humanity from these calamities — it’s not enough. Only he has the power with the stroke of a pen to take bolder action that would achieve the goals EOPA California has outlined,” the group said in a statement. Read more at: Sacbee 

The Atascadero News

SAN LUIS OBISPO — After successful community outreach that garnered extensive input, the City Council formally set its goals on Tuesday for the 2021-23 Financial Plan – which includes climate change issues. 

The plan will transform the city of San Luis Obispo. . . Read full article here.

Featured Work and more opportunities to take action

Local Government Action

Local governments have been enacting laws to protect their communities when the state has failed to lead the way.

Already, more than 115 local governments in California have passed more than 175 local policies to protect their communities from fossil fuels.

This includes, but is not limited to, phase-out plans on fossil fuel drilling, safety zones setbacks on oil and gas wells,  stopping offshore oil wells, climate lawsuits, divestment from fossil fuel companies,  opposing expansion of fossil fuel production and infrastructure. Read about the policies here

In December of 2022, we held an offshore wind summit in Sacramento at the California Energy Commission. We highlighted the need for these floating offshore wind farms for the state to become energy independent from fossil fuels. CA is a major fossil fuel producer, yet gas prices fluctuate and are more than twice that of other states.

California, with a goal of 25 gigawatts by 2045, has the largest offshore wind commitment. California will deploy deep-ocean floating turbines, similar to those in Europe.  The current lease areas of Morro Bay and Humboldt County in California will generate 4.5 gigawatts and power 1.6 million homes. Sign our letter.

Closing Toxic Idle Wells

There are currently 70,000 inactive and abandoned oil and gas wells in California that endanger public health and safety while producing little to no oil.Cities and counties have the power to shut them down. Learn more and take action

Exposure to toxic air contaminants and other pollution caused by oil and gas wells significantly threatens public health and disproportionately affects disadvantaged communities and people of color. EOPA is calling on Governor Newsom to take action and phase out oil and gas extraction in California for the health and safety of his constituents. Sign our letter to Governor Newsom.