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Elected Officials to Protect America is a network of current and former elected officials who care deeply about protecting our planet and people. EOPA is committed to solving the climate crisis, ensuring environmental justice, and protecting our lands, waters and democracy.

We educate through value-based storytelling, train lawmakers and connect elected officials to inspire strong environmental leadership. EOPA is the only national organization that mobilizes  veterans who are lawmakers to work together on climate. Our local and state elected official network is vast.   d

National Climate Emergency Programs

We are planing our nationwide bus tour to demand a Federal Climate Emergency Plan to address the escalating climate crisis. Led by veterans who are lawmakers, we will educate, train, and organize officials, media, and the public in 32 cities across the country.

Through visual, value-based storytelling, EOPA investigates the dangers of climate impacts on global water security, as well as solutions open to communities across the globe. We have completed two short documentaries with more in production. Learn more.

Committed to their constitutional oath, our EOPA veterans who are lawmakers protect our nation from the national security dangers of water insecurity and climate change. After years of dedicated service, many veterans have seen the dangers associated with the climate crisis and are working across the aisle to create lasting solutions. We successfully encouraged Congress to reauthorize and provide financial support for the Land and Water Fund in perpetuity thereby helping to preserve our public lands for all Americans.

State Programs


Arizona is in the crosshairs of foreign nationals aiming to buy out America’s drinking water. In one of our videos we expose Saudi Arabia for grabbing U.S. water rights on land they’ve purchased to grow cattle feed that is exported – despite  a ten-year mega-drought throughout this region of the Southwest.

Starting in 2017, we encouraged former Governor Brown to end fossil-fuel extraction. Continuing our efforts, we have successfully seen Governor Newsom end fracking and put in safety zones around oil wells, ramp up EV use and start offshore wind. All is possible working with our statewide network of hundreds of elected officials.


In Maine, we highlighted the University of Maine’s floating offshore wind technology. Additionally, we are working with public officials to document the impacts on water supplies as the climate warms. This was the subject of one of our Code Blue mini-documentaries, a series which will be continuing throughout upcoming months.

We started by organizing frontline leaders to invest in clean, modern, and resilient transportation infrastructure that creates jobs and reduces pollution. Now, we are focused on updating the EPA’s vehicle standards and the deployment of electric vehicles with their infrastructure, as well as a major offshore wind push.

Our efforts began in New York State, where we organized over a thousand elected officials to demand that Governor Cuomo ban fracking. Since that ban was established in 2014, we have worked with elected officials across the state on fossil-fuel divestment, on funding for renewables, electrification of buildings, offshore wind power, and the state’s Climate Action Plan.

Lawmakers, supporters, community leaders: sign up to follow our work and join our efforts.

We, the undersigned elected officials believe it is imperative we take action on the climate crisis because it is a threat multiplier for water security, deadly disease, and environmental racism. It is time to enact a national Climate Emergency Plan that protects all our communities.

As an example of the racial and environmental injustice made worse by the climate crisis, in the predominantly African American community of St. Louis County, Missouri, radioactive and dioxin waste is being spread further by floods; this is exacerbated by climate change. The year preceding the recent Midwestern floods was the wettest on record. Now the community is a cancer and autoimmune disease cluster.  

Suffering from almost 20 years of megadrought, the Navajo Nation reached a grim milestone with the highest per-capita COVID-19 infection rate in the U.S. At a time when access to clean water and handwashing facilities is a matter of life and death, a third of the Navajo Nation’s population does not have running water.

At least 40 states will face water shortages this decade. And yet, Saudi Arabia and China are extracting American water at an alarming rate.

Globally, 37 acute conflicts, many unresolved, are due to water insecurity. Our intelligence and military community understand the climate emergency as a threat to national security.

These are serious examples of the dangers created by the climate crisis that is driving drought, disease, floods, fires, extreme temperatures, and storms.

These are clear and present dangers, but innovation, resilience, and the American spirit have created many proven existing solutions that can unify and protect us. Despite political inaction and misguided regulations that have held us back, there is hope. For example, California’s first solar thermal desalination plant recently went online; it can even clean agricultural wastewater. 

In Maine, clean energy innovators have deployed a revolutionary floating offshore wind turbine. These are just two of the many already working innovations that energize our economy. Clean, renewable energy is already less expensive than using fossil fuels and can generate millions of jobs.

We call on the president and Congress to develop a federal Climate Emergency Plan that can include, but not limited to the following objectives:

  • Transition to 100 percent clean energy
  • Ensure everyone has access to clean and safe water
  • Investment in communities on the frontlines of environmental injustice, including indigenous, communities of color, and economically vulnerable
  • Investment in clean, accessible, and affordable transportation systems 
  • Investment in a smart renewable-energy grid
  • Transition to regenerative agriculture
  • Phase-out of plastics and toxins that threaten our global oxygen supply
  • Prevent foreign entities from unsustainably extracting U.S. water 
  • Improve building energy efficiency
  • Divest, phase out fossil fuels, and invest in new technologies

America must lead the world in protecting everyone from the climate emergency.

To contribute and view details of the Climate Emergency Plan please click here or give us a call at 207-319 4511.