National Climate Emergency & Energy Security Task Force

Elected Officials to Protect America in coordination with the US Department of Energy (DOE) has launched a National Climate Emergency & Energy Security Task Force. The goal of EOPA’s Task Force is to mobilize lawmakers in Justice40 communities, corporate and government financing, businesses and NGOs on the ground who have proven climate solutions to equitability implement climate opportunities offered by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). An additional goal is to help ensure the implementation leads to the IRA’s projected 43% reduction in greenhouse gases. 

The need for the EOPA Climate Emergency and Energy Security Task Force arose from a critical observation made by elected officials in Justice40 communities at our National Summit soon after the IRA was enacted: EOPA learned that many state, tribal, and local governments need awareness and support to identify opportunities, understand the criteria, and navigate the complex application process. 

Many of our Task Force members are part of our nextwork of Leadership Councils and/or have taken our Certificate Program with the University of San Fransisco. Many are elected officials –  as well as being veterans. Soon we will have lawmakers from every state on our Task Force, the majority of whom are from Justice40 communities, which will give the Task Force an unique ability to help guide the implementation of funds that can make a historic difference to underserved communities while protecting our planet and people from the dangers of climate change.  

Elected Officials to Protect America invites other elected officials, tribal leaders, corporate and NGO leaders, and stakeholders to join our Task Force and contribute to the meaningful implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Together, we can bridge the capacity gaps, navigate complex federal funding opportunities, and pave the way for sustainable and equitable environmental solutions in Justice40 communities and beyond. Reach out to Alex at 207. 319. 4511.

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs is authorized to fund and implement a variety of programs and projects that promote tribal energy development, efficiency and use; reduce or stabilize energy costs; enhance and strengthen tribal energy and economic infrastructure; and electrify Indian lands and homes. To advance its mission, the Office of Indian Energy works with American Indian tribes and Alaska Native villages to maximize the value of their energy resources through:

The Office of Indian Energy also leverages public-private partnerships, inter- and intra-governmental coordination, and government-to-government partnerships to maximize the return on investments in the future of American Indian tribes and Alaska Native villages. 

The Office of State and Community Energy Programs (SCEP) works with state and local organizations to significantly accelerate the deployment of clean energy technologies, catalyze local economic development and create jobs, reduce energy costs, and avoid pollution through place-based strategies involving a wide range of government, community, business and other stakeholders.  

Foundational programs like the Weatherization Assistance Program and State Energy Program, which both have more than 40 years of successfully delivering energy savings across the country, will complement newly formed programs such as the Local Government Energy Program and Energy Futures Grants, enabling the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to work for the first time ever, with local governments and communities for the long term.  

Through the disbursement of formula grants, DOE will extend the core capabilities of state energy offices and expand the weatherization provider network to assist low-income families with home energy retrofits. Competitive awards will further the innovation by states and local governments seeking to implement high-impact and self-sustaining clean energy projects. In addition, technical assistance will help to facilitate clean energy programs and practices through “best practice” tools, “lead-by-example” methods, peer-to-peer forums, and other strategic partnerships

The Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) is an advocacy and advisory office responsible for promoting the use of small, small disadvantaged, 8(a), women-owned, veteran-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned, and HUBZone small businesses within the U.S. Department of Commerce’s acquisition process. This involves promoting small business prime and subcontracting opportunities in accordance with Federal laws, regulations, and policies and the utilization of products from the National Industries for the Blind and services provided by SourceAmerica.

The goals of the OSDBU are to institutionalize the use of small businesses and to fully integrate them into Commerce’s competitive base of contractors. The OSDBU itself is not a procurement office but serves as a liaison between the small business community and Commerce procurement offices. The Small Business Act of 1953, as amended by Public Law 95-507, established the OSDBU.

The OSDBU focuses on the following:

  • Increasing contract and subcontract awards to small businesses
  • Sharing information via the Internet
  • Identifying potential small businesses for use by Commerce, its bureaus, and prime contractors
  • Negotiating Commerce contract goals with the Small Business Administration in an effort to continually increase awards to small business
  • Publishing the annual ‘Forecast of Contract Opportunities’, which lists upcoming procurements
  • Reviewing procurement requisitions to maximize small business participation
  • Monitoring small business legislation
  • Establishing partnerships with internal customers and industry to obtain feedback, improve customer service, achieve goals, and disseminate information
  • Creating awareness of the benefits of working with small businesses through in-reach/marketing and training, and;
  • Giving special recognition and awards to individuals and bureaus that have made outstanding contributions to the success of Commerce’s Small Business Program.

The Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office (LPO) finances large-scale, all-of-the-above energy infrastructure projects in the United States. 

LPO administers four distinct loan programs, but each offers a similar value to borrowers: 

  • LPO can provide first-of-a-kind projects and other high-impact energy-related ventures with access to debt capital that private lenders cannot or will not provide.
  • LPO can provide flexible, custom financing that helps to meet the specific needs of individual borrowers.
  • LPO encourages early engagement and is a valuable partner to applicants throughout the entire lifetime of a project.

To date, LPO has issued more than $35 billion of loans and loan guarantees for more 30 projects and has a proven track record including transforming existing energy infrastructure, reviving nuclear construction, accelerating growth of utility-scale solar and wind, expanding domestic manufacturing of electric vehicles, and improving the lives of all Americans by catalyzing new energy technology and creating jobs. Read more about LPO’s HistoryPortfolio,and Technology Sectors it has supported. 

LPO’s in-house team has decades of financial, technical, legal, and environmental experience that it can leverage to deploy billions of debt capital in the following areas: 

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY VEHICLES MANUFACTURING Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) Loan Program

Direct loans to support U.S. manufacturing of fuel-efficient, advanced technology vehicles and qualifying components

TRIBAL ENERGY  Tribal Energy Financing

Direct loans and partial loan guarantees for tribal energy development projects


Loan guarantees and grants to deploy carbon dioxide transportation infrastructure 

Title 17 Clean Energy Financing

Under the Title 17 Clean Energy Financing Program, LPO can provide loan guarantees for projects in the United States that support clean energy deployment and energy infrastructure reinvestment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. 

Innovative Energy and Innovative Supply Chain

Clean Energy Financing for projects that deploy innovative clean energy technologies at commercial scale (Innovative Energy) Or Employ innovative manufacturing processes or manufacture innovative technologies at commercial scale (Innovative Supply Chain) 


Through the SEFI category of the Title 17 Clean Energy Financing Program, LPO can provide additional financial support to projects that align federal energy priorities with those of U.S. states


The Energy Infrastructure Reinvestment (EIR) Program (Section 1706) guarantees loans to projects that retool, repower, repurpose, or replace energy infrastructure that has ceased operations or enable operating energy infrastructure to run more cleanly.


The DOT Climate Change Center is the focal point for policy and action on climate change within the Department.  The Center is co-chaired by the policy and research units within the Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST) and its membership is comprised of the DOT operating administrations and OST offices. 

Through strategic research, policy analysis, partnerships, coordination and outreach, the Center creates comprehensive and multi-modal approaches to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gases (GHG) and to improve the resilience of the transportation system to climate change impacts.  The DOT Climate Change Center plays a key role in implementing the climate and sustainability goal in the US DOT Strategic Plan

USDOT established the DOT Climate Change Center in 1999.  The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (Public Law 110-140), Section 1101, formally established the Center as the Office of Climate Change and Environment.  It is codified in 49 USC Section 102(g).

Inaugural Task Force Meeting

Inaugural National Climate and Energy Security Task Force Meeting

On February 28, 2023, 2:00 pm ET (1:00 pm CT/11:00 am PT). In partnership with the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Transportation, EOPA hosted the initial meeting of the national task force during which participants learn more about DOE’s implementation strategy for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) as well as funding opportunities for state and local programs and projects.

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)

The OSDBU goal is to provide maximum practicable opportunities in the Departments’ acquisitions to all small business concerns. In doing so, the Department will meet/exceed statutory prime small and subcontracting goals.  Our Small Business Goaling Reports are tracked and monitored via, an official web site of the federal government.  

Task Force Members

Alex Burton

Councilmember, IN

Alex Burton is an Evansville City Councilman and corporate leader focused on Workforce Development with responsibilities across North America. Councilman Burton is a leading voice for equity, food access, and housing.

S. Bostwick

Manager, NREL

Stephanie Bostwick is a project manager in the Resilient Systems Design and Engineering Group within NREL’s Energy Security and Resilience Center, focusing on American Indian Tribes resilience and energy sovereignty.

Philip Williams

Councilmember, Yurok, Vet.

Philip Williams is a member of the the Yurok Tribe, the largest Native tribe in California, and an Army Veteran. Philip is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council

N. Walworth

Phd., VP

Dr. Nathan Walworth (PhD) is VP of Science Strategy at Project Vesta: a public benefit corporation on a mission to scale nature-based strategies in gigaton carbon removal using the power of the oceans. 

Ian Monroe

CEO, Etho Capital

A pioneer in climate solution investing, Ian is the President and CIO of Etho Capital, which runs the ETHO ETF and some of the world’s first and best performing deeply decarbonized index strategies.

Cobi Frongillo

Councilor, Franklin, MA

Cobi Frongillo, Town Councilor and Vice Chair, Economic Development Subcommittee in Franklin, MA. Cobi is engaged in Franklin-Bellingham Rail Trail Committee, Franklin Area Against Racism and Metacomet Land Trust. Cobi is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

P. Stoddard

Mayor, South Miami, FL

In 2015 Phd. Mayor Philip Stoddard was appointed by the White House to the Governance Coordinating Committee of the National Ocean Council where he developed national policy for sea level rise.        

Howard Watts

Assemblymember, Navada

Assemblymember Watts served as Chair, Committee on Natural Resources and Vice Chair, Committee on Growth & Infrastructure. He has passed laws to improve water conservation and protect public lands. Howard is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

C. Lewis

Councilor, Metro, OR

Christine Lewis, serves on JPACT, MERC, the Supportive Housing Services Oversight Committee, the Supportive Housing Services Tri-County Planning Body, Oregon Zoo Foundation Board and the Community Placemaking Advisory Committee.

Will Haskell

State Senator Connecticut

Senator Haskell, Senate Chair of the Higher Education & Employment Advancement and Transportation Committees. He created the PACT program, Connecticut’s free community college program; passing the most inclusive paid family and medical leave program in the country. Will is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

D. Clemons

County Clerk, Michigan

Domonique has several years of Government and advocacy experience, serving in roles such as Director of Government Affairs for the Flint and Genesee Group, Director of DEI for the Michigan House of Representatives, Legislative Director for State Representative Alex Garza, Strategy Assistant for the Michigan College Access Network, and Communications Specialist in the Michigan Senate.

G. Roshan

CEO ,Dashboard Earth

Gayatri Roshan brings 20 years of experience working in multiple aspects of ecology and environment across non-profit and for-profit sectors. Specializing in film and communications her work as a producer and director has spanned solutions across a diverse range of topics including; the mass extinction, agriculture, architecture, water and climate.

N. M. Bowen

Commissioner Coral Springs

In Florida Nancy Metayer Bowen built a notable public service career providing steadfast leadership on issues ranging from environmental advocacy to disaster relief. Prior to joining the Coral Springs City Commission, she led a long-term strategic initiative ­– the Florida Disaster Preparedness Plan (FDPP), which focused on rebuilding disaster areas and community resilience in vulnerable neighborhoods across the State of Florida.

Jacob Angel

Mgr, Banqloop Inc.

Jacob Angel is a seasoned political operative and government affairs professional currently working for Banqloop Inc. Jacob has worked extensively for the United States Senate, House of Representatives and Department of Defense as a Policy Advisor and subject matter expert. Following his formal separation from the federal government, he worked with California Office of Emergency Services on wildfire prevention, COVID-19 response and emergency preparedness.

Ana Vasudeo

Vice Dir., Berkeley Schools

Vasudeo is the district-level PTA vice president of equity and inclusion for Berkeley CA., public schools. She also advocates for secure and sustainable transportation as the senior transportation planner of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, where she works to make sure that more than 55,000 students get to school safely.

Derrick Wood

Mayor, Dumfries, Veteran, VA

Mayor Derrick Wood approach to leadership is rooted in his experience as a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and small business owner. As the Mayor of the Town of Dumfries, Virginia, he has led remarkable efforts to transform the town into a prosperous and thriving community increasing revenues by over 50% in the last four years alone, with projections showing a remarkable 300% increase by FY24. Derrick is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

Nisaa Jetha

Dir. Gbl Impact

Nisaa is the Director & Head of Global Impact, ESG & Sustainability at U Music Hotels (the joint venture between the world’s largest music group, Universal Music Group and Dakia U-Ventures). Nisaa is a qualified solicitor with PE experience across impact curation, SDG metric build across mid-cap PE portfolios.

Fawn Sharp

President, NCAI

Fawn R. Sharp serves as the 23rd President of the National Congress of American Indians, the oldest, largest and most representative American Indian and Alaska Native tribal government organization in the country. President Sharp is the third woman to hold the position of NCAI. Fawn is the current Vice President of the Quinault Indian Nation in Taholah, Washington, after being a five-term past-President. Her past positions included managing attorney and lead counsel; and staff attorney for the Quinault Indian Nation, administrative law judge for the Washington state Department of Revenue – Tax Appeals Division, Quinault Tribal Court Associate Judge, and Counsel for Phillips, Krause & Brown. Fawn is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

Bill Reinhardt

County Legislator, Albany

After 26 years working at the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Bill retired to bring his skills to the community, first by serving on the Bethlehem Budget Advisory Team and the Bethlehem Town Board, and later in the Albany County Legislature. Bill has worked on strategies to improve government operating efficiencies in order to reduce taxpayer costs while maintaining and enhancing community services. After joining the County Legislature in 2016, he has focused his energy-related activities on energy saving efforts involving County facilities and the vehicle fleet to save money and reduce the County’s carbon footprint Bill is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s New York Leadership Council.

G. Ilagan

State Rep., HI, Veteran

Vice Speaker Greggor Ilagan served in the Air National Guard for six years before he was elected in 2012 and 2014 to serve as Councilmember for the County of Hawaii’s 4th District. During his four years on the council, Ilagan chaired the Planning and Housing committees and sat as a member on the committee of Finance and Public Works. Greggor is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

Faith Winter

State Senator

Previously Faith represented House District 35 and now Senate District 24. In 2004, won a seat on the Westminster City Council. During my time on city council where she became a leader on renewable energy. As Mayor Pro-Tem of Westminster became the first platinum solar city in the state. She serves as Chair of the Senate Transportation & Energy Committee and as a member of the Finance Committee. Faith is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

Cindy Lerner

Fmr. State Representative, FL

After becoming Pinecrest Mayor, Cindy ran for office and was elected to serve in the Florida legislature. While serving, Cindy turned to environmental issues where she took on powerful special interests and entrenched Florida state government officials that threatened drinking water. She defeated their efforts to allow untreated stormwater to be injected into our aquifer. She also fought against the powerful citrus lobby to protect our local fruit trees from elimination. As Mayor created a Climate Action Plan to address the threats from sea level rise, flooding, and extreme weather. As President of Miami-Dade League of Cities, Cindy organized local city leaders to address the real threat from sea level rise in Miami-Dade County. levels like sea level rise. Cindy is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

Larry Kraft

State Representative, MN

Larry currently serves the MN State legislature as Vice-Chair on the Climate and Energy Finance and Policy Committee, and is on the Sustainable Infrastructure Policy Committees, Commerce and Transportation Committees. For five years, Larry ran a national nonprofit that helped young people advocate for tougher local climate policy.  Leaning into the work of reducing emissions and adapting to climate change touches every policy issue, so he ran for office and became a Councilmember of St. Louis Park Minnesota. Larry is the co-host of the City Climate Corner podcast, exploring how small and mid-sized cities are tackling climate change. Larry is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

Frank Cownie

Mayor, Des Moines, IA

 Frank is the current mayor of Des Moines, Iowa. He also owns and operates Cownie Furs, a store that has been in his family for generations. Prior to serving as mayor, he served for two years as an at-large member of the Des Moines City Council. He also served several terms on the Planning and Zoning Commission and was chairman of Downtown Des Moines, Inc. Having been elected to five terms, Cownie is the longest-serving mayor in Des Moines history. On September 21, 2023, Cownie announced he would not be seeking a sixth term, effectively ending his 20-year tenure as mayor.

Cheryl Davila

Fmr. Councilmember, CA

Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force Founder/ Director, former Berkeley Councilmember, District 2, Davila is a champion for the climate. She is also CEMTF’s Chair of Steering Committee for the / Co-Chair of Fundraising Committee. On the City Council she authored the Climate Emergency Declaration for the City of Berkeley, which passed unanimously in June 2018 becoming the 6th in the world. During her term, she took a strong stance for racial/ethnic equity and built community through unity and respect. Cheryl has a Business Economics degree from Mills College in Oakland and received an academic award, Omicron Delta Epsilon, an international honor society in economics. Cheryl is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s California Leadership Council.

Brigid Shea

Comissioner, TX

Brigid Shea is a Travis County, Texas Commissioner. Previously, Brigid was an award-winning reporter at NPR stations who has proved her grit by fighting climate change in Texas since 1988. As a former Austin City Council member, she helped create the first wind project in Texas. Since being elected to the Travis County Commissioners Court in 2014, her work to reverse climate change and better prepare residents for climate impacts has won 3 NACo Achievement Awards; one for creating a neighborhood wildfire drill, the second for dramatically improving the reach of emergency warning systems, and the third for significantly reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions through an ambitious remote work policy at the County. Currently, Brigid serves as the US Board Chair of ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability; Vice Chair of NACo Environmental Energy Land Use Steering Committee; Vice Chair of NACo Resilient Counties Advisory Board; member of NACo Large Urban Counties Caucus; Executive Committee member of the Greater Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council, Compact Co-Chair for the Texas Electric Transportation Resources Alliance; and member of FEMA’s Resilient Nation Partnership Network.

Robin Wilt

Councilmember, Brighton

Robin Wilt is currently the Principal/Owner of a proprietary real estate brokerage firm located in Brighton. In January 2018, Ms. Wilt began serving as the second African American ever elected to Brighton Town Council. Robin’s entrée into politics was as the co-founder of the Genesee Valley chapter of Progressive Democrats of America, a grassroots organization dedicated to working inside and outside the Democratic Party to advance progressive causes. Robin is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s New York Leadership Council.

Andy Katz

Dir. East Bay Utility, CA

Andy is theEOPA California Co-Founder, Legal Advisor, and California East Bay Municipal Utility District Director, Andy Katz is an environmental and workers’ rights attorney, public health advocate, elected Director to the California East Bay Municipal Utility District in Berkeley, California, and former chair of Sierra Club California. At the United Nations Climate Conference, Andy has led negotiations for the Sierra Club and had an active role in the negotiations that led to the Paris Agreement. He is an environmental planner and air quality advocate for Breathe California.

N. Armacost

Mayor, Hasting, NY

Nicola (Niki) Armacost has served as Mayor since 2019 and before that as Village Trustee for nine years. Both as Mayor and Trustee, her focus has been on village finances. She has been a champion of sustainability, promoting energy efficiency and stewardship of our natural resources. Under her tenure Hastings-on-Hudson adopted the New York Stretch Energy Code, expanded access to energy efficiency through Open C-PACE financing, passed a Low-Embodied Carbon Concrete Resolution, invested in EVs, alternative fuel infrastructure and resiliency planning, promoted “buy local” initiatives and dedicated more than 85% of municipal-owned open space as parkland. Under Niki’s leadership, Hastings-on-Hudson is currently the highest-ranking Climate Smart Community (CSC) in New York State. She is also a member of the Environment, Energy and Technology and the Women’s Advisory Committee of the New York Conference of Mayors (NYCOM). Niki is Founder and Managing Director of Arc Finance, Ltd., a not-for-profit organization that finances clean energy and water in the developing world. She is also an advisor to a number of solar companies and microfinance organizations that work in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Eduardo Martinez
E. Martinez

Mayor, Richmond, CA

Being a long-time resident of Richmond, Mayor Eduardo Martinez cares deeply for his community. Since winning a seat in the Richmond City Council in 2014 as a Councilmember he has been a strong advocate for protecting the environment, strengthening the police review process, increasing the minimum wage, stabilizing rents and transferring public money from jail expansion to public services. Mayor Martinez previously worked in Richmond’s public schools where he became passionate about defending his students from the fossil fuel pollution that kept them from playing sports – because they couldn’t breathe. The majority suffered from asthma or other long-term health aliments caused by the fossil fuel industry of Richmond. Eduardo is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s California Leadership Council

S. Nicoleau

Managing Dir, FullCycle

Stephan Nicoleau is a co-founder and Managing Director at FullCycle, an investment firm focused on accelerating the adoption of climate-critical technologies at scale. Stephan has had a 15 year career investing in infrastructure, venture capital and social enterprises. 

Tom Green

Project Manager, Vesta

Tom Green is the Project Manager for VESTA. Vesta’s mission is to further the science of Coastal Carbon Capture and galvanize global deployment. Coastal Carbon Capture is a way to harness the power of the oceans to accelerate the Earth’s natural long-term carbon dioxide removal process and enhance coastal resilience. Vesta prioritizes the needs of the planet and the communities in which we work over profit. Part of Vista’s funding for our scientific research is from the Coastal Carbon Capture Development Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity.


Sarah Mason

Deputy Exe Dir., CE4A

Sarah Mason is currently the Deputy Executive Director with Clean Energy for America (CE4A). A Northeast native, Sarah has been working in politics and issue advocacy in the DC region for nearly 15 years including positions on Capitol Hill and at several advocacy organizations. Most recently prior to joining CE4A she was the Co-Director of National Organizing for the Climate Action Campaign, where she managed CAC’s field programs across more than a dozen states. CE4A is a 501(c)4 organization that amplifies the voice of the clean energy workforce in advocating for policies and leaders to advance just, equitable, and rapid decarbonization.

C. Deschene

Owner Deschene, PLLC

Christopher L. Clark Deschene is the founding owner of Deschene, PLLC. He is an attorney, and energy development expert. A member of the Navajo Nation, Deschene served as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives from 2009 to 2011, representing District 2. He was member of both the Committee for Natural Resources and Rural Affairs and the Committee for Water and Energy. After working as a lawyer for ten years, Deschene joined the Obama Administration in 2015 at the United States Department of Energy as the Director for the Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs.  Previously, as Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps he was deployed on several missions overseas, including the Persian Gulf and Southeast Asia. After completing two tours of active duty, Deschene continued on as a reservist for a total of 10 years of military service.
His grandfather was a Navajo code talker during World War II.


Dora Strunk

Council President, Kwinhagak

Dora Strunk is the Council President for Kwinhagak, also known as Quinhagak, a city in Bethel Census Area, Alaska, United States. As of the 2020 census, the population of the city is 776, up from 669 in 2010. The Yupik name for the village is Kuinerraq, meaning “new river channel.” It has been dated to at least 1000 AD.

Ajay Pittman

State Representative, OK

She currently serves on the Agriculture & Rural Development, Public Health, Appropriations & Budget for Human Services, and Transportation committees, in addition to the Agriculture Caucus, the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus, Mental Health Caucus, Early Childhood Caucus and the Aerospace Caucus. Pittman is also co-chair of the Millennial Action Project Future Caucus, a statewide millennial bi-partisan caucus. Ajay is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

Mike Turner

County Supervisor, Veteran, VA

Supervisor Michael R. Turner serves as the chair of the Board of Supervisors Transportation and Land Use Committee and represents Loudoun on the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission. He also serves on the Fiscal Impact Committee. Supervisor Turner is a 1973 graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and a former command pilot with more than 3,500 flying hours as both an air rescue helicopter pilot and a fighter pilot. A Desert Storm veteran, he served on the U.S. Central Command staff before and during the war. Turner’s final assignment was on the Joint Staff in the Pentagon.Turner has worked principally as a nonprofit development officer at six nonprofit organizations with varied missions, including disaster relief, encouraging entrepreneurship among America’s youth, providing free credit counseling to families in need and helping military and veteran families. He also has nonprofit experience in legislative affairs. Mike is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

M. Sahli-Wells

Fmr. Mayor, Culver City

Meghan spent nearly a decade in public service, championing environmental justice and building progressive power both locally and nationally. The former Mayor of Culver City, CA, Meghan led the city’s transition to 100% renewable energy and phase-out of oil drilling. Known as the “Biking Mayor,” Sahli-Wells helped craft Culver City’s first bicycle and pedestrian master plan, established a robust Safe Routes to School program, and served on the Metro E Line (light rail) Construction Authority. In 2014, she joined President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge, and launched Culver City’s equity and youth empowerment initiatives. Sahli-Wells is a founding Board Member of Local Progress, a national network of progressive elected officials, and California State Director of EOPA, where she mobilizes elected officials to pass bold climate legislation and end fossil fuel extraction. She was a strategic policy consultant for Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell, where she worked on housing, and environmental justice, with a particular focus on urban oil drilling.

Igor Tregub

Comnr, Rent Brd, Berkeley

Tregub is a former member of the Rent Board of Berkeley, CA, former President of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Sierra Club, chair of the Housing Advisory Council and longtime climate change activist. Tregub, a native of Ukraine, is working to help EOPA’s Clean Energy Marshall Plan for Ukraine. Igor is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s California Leadership Council

Devin Murphy

Mayor, Pinole, CA

Devin serves as Mayor Pro Tempore for the City of Pinole. A small business owner, civic technologist, collaborative leader and social entrepreneur, Devin works to catalyze opportunities in the town by increasing public engagement, enhancing our parks and outdoor spaces, and keeping Pinole a safe, livable, and prosperous city for all. He is working on offshore wind energy with EOPA in California. He was elected as a member of the Pinole City Council on November 3, 2020. Since being elected, Devin has championed a more transparent, citywide participatory budgeting process, small business growth, and progress on regional climate action. Devin is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s California Leadership Council


R. Bhalla

Hoboken Mayor, NJ

Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla has focused on improving the quality of life for Hoboken residents while prioritizing fiscal responsibility. He introduced a City budget with no municipal tax increase, maintained the City’s AA+ credit rating, continues to oversee the rehabilitation of Washington Street, formed a Homelessness task force, is pursuing affordable housing strategies, completed the design phase of Northwest Resiliency Park, secured more than $1 million in state transportation funding, and signed executive orders to expand parental leave benefits, invest in the arts, and protect the civil rights of immigrants and the LGBTQ community. Ran Bhalla is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s New Jersey Leadership Council

Balvir Singh

Comnr, Burlington County

In 2017 Balvir became the first Asian-American to be elected to a countywide position in Burlington County as County Commissioner and the first Sikh-American to be elected to a countywide position in the State of New Jersey. Balvir is serving his second term. In his capacity as Commissioner he serves as the liaison to the Corrections, Courts, and Medical Examiner’s offices. Previously, Balvir was elected to the Burlington Township School Board, and served as the chair of the district’s finance committee during his three-year term. Balvir taught math in a public high school for eleven years and worked as an adjunct professor at Rowan College of Burlington County. Currently, he serves as the Instructional Supervisor of the Mathematics, Business, and Technology departments in a public school district. He has received numerous awards in his academic career and has presented internationally on teaching and learning of mathematics, including recently in Germany and Ecuador. Balvir earned his M.Sc. in Pure Mathematics from Rutgers University. Balvir is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s New Jersey Leadership Council

Mary Lupien

Councilmember, NY

First elected in 2019, Mary has championed efforts to ensure access to quality, affordable housing, re-imagine public safety, and increase the transparency and effectiveness of the Rochester City Council. She was elected by her peers to the post of Vice President in 2022. Mary is passionate about preserving a liveable climate through policy, increasing safe, stable and affordable housing and fighting poverty and institutional racism. For many years, Mary was an organizer with Mothers Out Front, a group working to inspire bold climate action and mobilize the community to achieve a sustainable future for our children. Mary has supported efforts to Re- imagine how the city provides Public Safety to the community in a way that keeps all residents safe. She believes in the importance of improving emotional intelligence in working with colleagues and constituents to pass legislation for the betterment of her community and world. Mary is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s New York Leadership Council.

Herb Conaway

State Asm. Veteran, NJ (D-7)

Herbert C. Conaway Jr. has served in the New Jersey General Assembly since 1998, where he represents the 7th Legislative District. Conaway served in the Assembly as the Majority Whip from 2014 to 2017, and was the Deputy Speaker from 2002 to 2005 and again starting in 2022.
Conaway graduated with an A.B. in politics from Princeton University in 1985 after completing a 67-page long senior thesis titled “Black Political Strategy.” He then received an M.D. degree from Jefferson Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University and was awarded a J.D. from Rutgers School of Law—Newark. He is the only member of the legislature to hold both an M.D. degree and a J.D. degree. Conaway later served in the United States Air Force Medical Corps from 1992 to 1996, reaching the rank of Captain. He continues to practice medicine whilst serving in the legislature, specializing in internal medicine at St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton. Herb is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s New Jersey Leadership Council

Rachel Junck

Representative, Ames, IA

IA State Representative Rachel represents the 4th Ward, which includes Iowa State University’s campus, Campustown, sorority and fraternities, off-campus apartments as well as smaller neighborhoods. Junck is a lifelong resident of Ames and majored at Iowa State in chemical engineering and is involved in the masters of business program. As a graduate of Iowa State Junck can speak for 50% of the Ames residents who are college students to helps the university and students to have a voice on the city council. Rachel is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

S. R-Conway

Mayor, Madison, WI

Satya Rhodes-Conway is the 58th Mayor of Madison. Her administration is focused on affordable housing, rapid transit, climate change and racial equity. She has extensive experience in local policy and practice, having worked with mayors across the country for over a decade, and having served three terms on the Madison Common Council. Mayor Rhodes-Conway is the chair of Climate Mayors, an appointed member of EPA’s Local Government Advisory Committee, a founding member of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income and a member of Mayors Against Gun Violence. She serves on various committees and task forces for the US Conference of Mayors and the National League of Cities. Mayor Rhodes-Conway provided testimony to the U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis on Building Climate Resilient Communities in June of 2021. Before being elected Mayor, Rhodes-Conway was the Managing Director of the Mayors Innovation Project and a senior associate at the Center on Wisconsin Strategy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for 13 years. She worked with cities across the country to implement innovative policy and researched and wrote extensively about local policy that promotes sustainability, equity and democracy.

Alex Weisberg

Impact Consultant

Alex Weisberg is the senior advisor at JSC Impact Consulting, a company that partners with innovative nonprofits and social enterprises to accelerate positive social and environmental impacts. Alex is a passionate and experienced impact investor, an entrepreneurial founder, and a trained environmental and animal ethicist. He founded a successful sustainable food group in the Bronx and has managed small-scale regenerative farms. He holds a PhD from New York University in Environmental Humanities, Religion, and Cultural Studies (2019) and a BS in Economics and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2009).


A. Reagan

Executive Director CE4A

Andrew Reagan is the  Executive Director of Clean Energy for America (CE4A), motivated by shared values, beliefs, and commitment to building a zero-carbon, inclusive energy economy for all Americans.

Brian Kurtz

Chair, Climate Tech

Brian E Kurtz, the Chair of Climate Tech, is passionate about harnessing the power of design, technology and social innovation to transform the world. He partners with leaders at Fortune 100 multinationals and multilateral organizations to mount global movements, accelerate new ventures, and realize the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. He is a Partner at The Kurtz Group. Previously, as Chief of Staff to the Chief Technology Officer at Telstra, Australia’s largest Telco and Media company, he spearheaded strategic development of the company’s global innovation agenda. Brian is a global strategist with over a decade of experience in marketing, strategic development and leadership inside large corporations and lean startups. He has visited and benchmarked over 150 innovation labs on five continents and has been a featured speaker on cultivating innovation districts and cross-sector collaborations.

Deb Sariñana

State Rep., Veteran, NM

Sariñana is the Chair of the EOPA New Mexico Leadership Council. She is also the Co-Chair of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council. Debbie has served House District 21 in Albuquerque since 2016. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from New Mexico State University, and her Master’s in Secondary Education – Mathematics from the University of New Mexico. Debbie currently serves on the Veteran Affairs Committee, the Energy, Natural Resources & Wildlife Committee and the Education Committee. Sariñana previously served in the U.S. Air Force as a computer programmer at White Sands Missile Range. Debbie previously worked as a math teacher at Manzano High School in Albuquerque.

Henry Stern

State Senator, CA (SD-27)

Henry Isaac Stern is California State Senator representing the 27th district, encompassing parts of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. He was elected in November 2016. Prior to being elected, he was an environmental attorney and senior advisor to his predecessor Fran Pavley. He was also a law lecturer at the University of California, Los Angeles and UC Berkeley. Stern has served as counsel to Representative Henry Waxman on the House Energy & Commerce Committee to help construct clean energy projects for businesses. He has also taught civics, founded a tech incubator, and advocated for juvenile justice. Stern graduated from Harvard University and went on to graduate from the UC Berkeley School of Law, before becoming an environmental attorney. Henry is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s California Leadership Council.

Jeremy Gray

State Representative, AL

Jeremy Askew Gray is an accomplished public servant, entrepreneur, and community leader. He presently serves as the State Representative for District 83 in the Alabama House of Representatives. Representative Gray is passionate about elevating his community. His principles of community empowerment and engagement are a result of an upbringing in a strong family and a desire to improve his community. Representative Gray is a native of Opelika, Alabama. Jeremy is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

Joel Hicks

Councilmember, Carlisle, Vet

Joel Hicks serves as a Carlisle Councilmember in Pennsylvania and is the chair of the Borough’s Climate Action Commission. Joel is also an adjunct professor at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government where he also received his Ph.D. in Public Policy. He is a former U.S. Naval Officer who served in the nuclear submarine community as well as completing multiple assignments in DoD space acquisition and operational communities. He obtained his Nuclear Engineer credentials through Naval Reactors, and his last active-duty assignment was as Deputy Director, Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC), Vandenberg AFB, CA. He retired at the rank of Commander after a 20-year active-duty career. Today, he frequently writes about demand-side management (DSM) of energy systems with a focus on energy efficiency, behavioral economics, and public sector energy governance/institutions. Joel is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

John Carlson

Northeast State Policy

John Carlson is Clean Air Task Force’s Senior Northeast Regional Policy Manager on the U.S. State Policy team. John works across all CATF programs to advocate for pragmatic economy-wide decarbonization policies that are needed to reach net-zero emissions at the state level across the U.S. Northeast in a way that is equitable and builds resilient communities. Prior to his work with CATF, John worked for Ceres utilizing the unique perspective and resources of the business community to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean transportation policies in states throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. In that role he supported the design, adoption and implementation of regional transportation policies, the development of the offshore wind industry, advancements in energy efficiency and building decarbonization, passage of environmental justice provisions, and design of carbon trading programs.

Josh Newman

State Senator, Veteran, CA

Josh Newman is a United States Army veteran, community activist, non-profit founder, and State Senator for the 29th Senate district of California. He successfully guided more than 20 pieces of legislation that supported veteran services and mental health resources, improved local schools, helped businesses create jobs, and protected open space. He served as an artillery officer in the United States Army, with duty assignments with a nuclear weapons unit in South Korea and a conventional artillery battalion in the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii. At Yale University, he majored in History with a focus on 20th Century politics and government. In 2012, he founded an initiative, ArmedForce2Workforce, to assist young military veterans in the pursuit of rewarding, career-oriented employment following the completion of their own military service and return to the Greater Los Angeles/Orange County area. Josh is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s California Leadership Council.

Katie Hoffman

Investment Committee

Partner & Investment Committee at Regeneration.VC
Katie founded and operated environmental investment firms, policy projects and entrepreneurial initiatives. She has advised over 15 startups in clean tech, agriculture, fashion and fintech. Katie played an instrumental role in directing a global investor coalition to reallocate $12 trillion-plus assets under management (AUM) to low carbon and ESG opportunities. As a Managing Director at Etho Capital, Katie led strategic development, facilitated the market introduction of Etho’s Climate Leadership Index and ETF, and scaled AUM. Katie built green incubator and accelerator programs with the University of California, California Clean Energy Fund and Nexus Global. She has supported over 100 green projects through the programs and policies she co-created.
Additionally, she is a lead developer of a venture fund with New Energy Nexus investing in clean technology innovation in Southeast Asia. Katie currently sits as a trustee of the American Renewable Energy Institute and the World Ethics and Leadership Foundation.

Melanie Piana

Mayor, Ferndale, MI

Piana has served as an elected official representing Ferndale for more than 12 years — with 11 years as a member of the City Council, and two years as mayor. Her commitment to Ferndale includes prioritizing a culture of belonging and well-being. In her professional capacity working across municipal borders with public service, initiatives have included advances in inclusive neighborhood economic development, mobility and non-motorized street transformations, and community engagement advances. Melanie is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Climate Change Professional (CC-P) from the Association of Climate Change Officers. She earned a certificate from the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Leadership in Local and State Government in 2018. In 2020, she continued her executive education by completing the course Public Narrative: Storytelling, Leadership, and Action at Harvard University.

M. Chryssavgis


Milti Chryssavgis is the CEO and Founder of Drashta Ventures. He previously worked at Drashta Capital as a CEO & Founder. Chryssavgis attended UNSW. Drashta Impact was founded to solve the key pain points impact investors face, developing a unique de-risking tool and liquidity solution to empower investors to substantially amplify their impact securely.

Park Cannon

State Rep., Georgia

Park Elizabeth Cannon is a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, representing the 58th district. After graduating from high school in 2009, Cannon enrolled at Chapman University, but encountered racism and chose to transfer to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.[5] She graduated from UNC in 2014 with a degree in Hispanic Linguistics, and a minor in women’s and gender studies. Cannon is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.
After completing college, Cannon worked at the Feminist Health Center of Atlanta. In 2018, Cannon completed Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government as a David Bohnett LGBTQ Victory Institute Leadership Fellow. Cannon was named to Fast Company’s Queer 50 list in 2021. Park is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

Paul Evans

State Rep., Veteran, Oregon

Paul Evans has served in the Oregon House of Representatives, (HD-20) since 2015. He is the Co-Chair of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council. At age 18, Paul was elected as a city councilor, and went on to become mayor of Monmouth from 1999 to 2002. Evans served in the Oregon Air National Guard and United States Air Force for 20 years before retiring in 2013. He participated in combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. He worked with Governor Kulongoski as a senior advisor for Emergency Management, Military, and Veterans’ Affairs for over three years. In the private sector he became Chief of the Protection and National Security Division for High Impact Technology. He earned a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, has taught at Western Oregon University and Oregon State University, and has volunteered as a senior firefighter with Polk County Fire District. Now, he continues to serve as a State Representative and a Speech Communication Professor at Chemeketa Community College.

R. Ahmed

Board Member, PGCPS

Raaheela is currently serving as the elected representative for the Prince George’s County Board of Education, District 5, representing over 80,000 people. This lifelong Prince Georgian and proud product of Prince George’s County Public Schools first ran for the position in 2012 as an 18-year old, anti-establishment, grassroots candidate….and nearly won. She was subsequently elected with votes of support from 32,000 people, and re-elected with support from over 56,000 people.

Rob Werner

League of C.Voters

​Rob is the New Hampshire State Director for the League of Conservation Voters, a national advocacy organization that works to turn environmental values into national, state, and local priorities. Rob formerly served as the National Field Director of Americans for Campaign Reform. Rob previously served for seven terms on the Concord City Council and continutes to chair the Concord Energy and Environment Advisory Committee.

Paul Edleman,

Professor, Sauk Valley CC

PhD Professor of Communication/Political Science at Sauk Valley Community College in Dixon, Illinois.


S. Wheeler

Vice Chair, Tribe, ID

Shannon Wheeler serves as Vice Chair, of 9 elected members who make up the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee (NPTEC), which governs the tribe.


S. Tsabetsaye

Tribal Consultant

Shaun Tsabetsaye is an entrepreneur and working to provide guidance and technical assistance to Native American individuals and tribal enterprises. Shaun is a Senior Project Manager at NextEra Energy based in Juno Beach, Florida. Shaun is an enrolled tribal member of the Zuni Pueblo and is an AISES Sequoyah Fellow.  His involvement with AISES began in 1994 and he continues to contribute today as a member of the Corporate Advisory Council.  Shaun has over 13 years of engineering and project management experience.  He is currently at NextEra Energy Resources as a Project Manager of Tribal Renewable Energy Development.  Shaun has earned degrees for Executive Masters of Business Administration, Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and completed significant work towards a Master’s of Engineering in Semiconductors and Electronics Manufacturing

John Polimeni

City Councilmember, NY

John is a Schenectady City Councilmember and the EOPA Department of Energy Taskforce Chair, and serves on the New York Leadership Council He is an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Albany, New York. His research interests examine the intersections between economic development and the environment. This includes energy efficiency and sustainability, economic development, and sustainable agriculture. Dr. Polimeni was awarded the Senior Fulbright Fellow (2009) in Romania where he worked at the Academy of Economic Studies, as well as the Institute for Economic Forecasting in the Romanian National Academy in Bucharest. Dr. Polimeni is a Honorary Member of the Scientific Council of the Romanian National Academy of Science: National Institute for Economic Research, Institute of Economic Forecasting


Joe Baldacci

State Senator, ME

Joe has been practicing law for 28 years. A lifelong resident of Bangor, he has represented Maine families and small businesses in his small private practice in downtown Bangor. Joe served for 12 years on the Bangor City Council — including twice as Mayor and Council Chair — and has promoted and supported several important economic redevelopment projects throughout the city. Joe successfully worked to keep the Bangor City Nursing Home open when it was threatened with closure. He helped the Fire Department establish its ambulance and paramedic unit, which now brings in millions in revenue to the City and provides people with life-saving services. In 2004, Joe was appointed by the Council to negotiate an agreement with the City of Halifax concerning their airport. The successful agreement reached protects Bangor International Airport’s preclearance business on international flights. Joe is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

Christopher Aw

Investor/Entrepreneur, Vet

Chris is an entrepreneur and investor focused on finance and technology based in Falls Church, Virginia. He is a government, family office, venture capital, and angel investor veteran who has built technology, consulting, and investing businesses. He has a particular interest in renewable energy, water, waste management, food, and affordable housing. He served in the United States Air Force in technology and intelligence fields both operationally and in research and development. He has worked at a US government think tank supporting the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in a
$20B per year investment vehicle evaluating technology investments across multiple disciplines. Chris is on the board of Operation Snow Leopard which supports Afghanistan refugees as well as the advisory board of Veterans in Media and Entertainment supporting fellow veterans in the industry working on strategic development.

Martha Barragan

Councilmember, Palo Alto

When Martha was one year’s old her family moved to Fresno, California, looking for more job opportunities. As a family of immigrants, her parents biggest dream was to help their two daughters achieve the American dream. They wanted their two daughters to get higher education and Martha led the way majoring in Liberal and Latin American Studies. After college, Martha became a teacher and has been one for the past 23 years. She is currently teaching Spanish Immersion program and little did she know that life would lead her to branch out and engage with the community in another role than teaching alone. As a newly elected city councilmember, she felt obligated to equip herself better by further learning about political topics that will be beneficial to her and her community.

Wanda Blackwell

Human Resource, Vet

US Army veteran with more than twenty years of service in the U.S. Army; Wanda Blackwell retired in 2006 as an E-8/42A- Human Resource Specialist. Her years of service as an officer of the US Army has afforded her opportunities to specialize and receive training in diverse areas of personnel management that include leadership, equal opportunity (trained at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute), conflict resolution, media and training & development. Wanda holds a Master of Public Administration with concentration on Criminal Justice from Troy University and a Master’s in Organization Management and Behaviour with concentration in Leadership from Capella University. Currently a federal employee, Wanda has a daughter and two grandchildren who are the guiding light in her continued fight for democracy, freedom and the American values while also working on her own professional development.

D. Dela Cruz

State Senator, Hawaii

Donovan M. Dela Cruz is a state senator from District 17, which encompasses Wahiawā, Whitmore, portion of Mililani, Mililani Mauka, Launani Valley, and Waipi’o Acres and also serves as the Chair of the Committee on Ways and Means. Senator Dela Cruz, born and raised in Wahiawa, is a graduate of Leilehua High School, the University of Oregon where he earned a BA in Journalism and Communication Studies, and Masters in Organization Leadership from Argosy University. Senator Dela Cruz was instrumental in initiating the Whitmore Project, a detailed plan to revitalize Central Oahu by re-establishing agricultural dominance in our local ag industry by bringing farmers and the state together to increase local food production, create jobs, engage in partnerships, and to provide workforce housing resulting in creation of jobs and promoting economic development.

Christian Elam


This Vallejo, CA, 21-year-old investor and entrepreneur, began his journey at the age of 10 when he became the youngest person to attend Stanford for computer science. He launched his first app on the App Store when he was 14 and two more the following year, reaching the Top Charts within eight hours of launch. As a Senior iOS Engineer at 15, he worked for various startups before co-founding two of his own, one in social networking and the other a successful investor-backed social e- commerce platform in the fashion and beauty community. Tragically, his second startup was shut down following the unexpected passing of his co-founder due to COVID-19. At 18, Christian graduated from UC Berkeley- Haas School of Business under their comparable MBA program (COBE), making him the youngest and fastest to do so. Additionally, Christian is dedicated to philanthropy and mental health, with a focus on teen suicide prevention.

Daniel Holt

State Representative, Hawaii

Representative Daniel Holt is dedicated to making the community, where he was born and raised, as well as the entire State of Hawai’i, a better place to live for all its residents. He is privileged to represent House District 28, which encompasses Palama, Sand Island, Iwilei, and Chinatown and currently serves as the Chairman of the Committee on Economic Development. Representative Holt is also a member of the House Committees on Judiciary & Hawaiian Affairs and the Committee on Tourism. Since his first term as a legislator, he has taken a strong stance against crime and continues to advocate for increased funding for social services who assist our most vulnerable populations. Now in his fourth term as an elected official, he continues to be committed to fighting for safer communities for the people of Hawai’i and advocate for Native Hawaiians as Co- Chair of the Native Hawaiian Caucus.

Steve Jarvis

State Senator, North Carolina

Senator Steve Jarvis is a North Carolina Senator who was initially elected to office in 2020 representing the 29th District of North Carolina. A native of Davidson County, he previously served as county commissioner of Davidson County, North Carolina and as a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives, serving the 80th district from 2019 until 2021. Senator Jarvis has been a successful businessman crediting his success to various jobs in the community after high school and taking specific classes in DCCC as well as being a graduate of the UNC School of Government’s Advance Leadership Corps Program. He also is a mentor with the Local Elected Leaders Academy and as a State Senator he accepts the responsibility of representing his constituents in the State House. Senator Jarvis also believes that the Public Leadership Certificate is a strong and multi- faceted platform for further development.

Debra Johnson

Councilmember, Clarkson, GA

Councilmember Johnson is a resident of Clarkston with ten years of experience in public service with the Emory Healthcare. As a recently elected official, Ms. Johnson is looking to establish a platform of dialogue and discussion in the city council of Clarkston and ensure Clarkston’s success economically and financially. She also is looking to bring transparency in city and council functions, good communication between the council and the community, create the best professional policies and procedures and adhering to them to ensure that neighbourhoods and residents are receiving the best of services from their elected officials. She’s a former member of the Clarkston Historical Preservation Commission and supporter & volunteer with Positive Peering Inc. 

Keo-Lee Loy

Councilmember, Hilo, Hawaii

Sandwiched between Sue Keohokapu-Lee Loy’s college years and elected office is a 20-year professional career that includes work as a successful strategic planner and well-versed legal assistant with a deep and rich understand of land use rules, regulations and policies. Sue also had the pleasure of serving on the Hawaii County Water Board. In 2016 Sue was elected to her first term on the Hawai‘i County Council, representing District 3, which includes Keaukaha, Pana‘ewa Waiakea and Kea’au. This area is the heart of Hilo with all the amenities of a thriving community. Council District 3 includes two Hawaiian Home Land communities, the harbor, an airport, a landfill, the Hawai‘i Community College, and the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo. It also includes major residential, commercial, industrial and farm lands, approximately 11 county beach parks, and the county zoo.

John King

State Rep., Rockhill, SC

As a young man, John was the protégé of his father, learning the ramifications of the family funeral business and being politically active. After careful consideration and seeing the needs of the community, John chose to continue in the family business and seek political change. He was determined to become a successful Mortician and Politician. John was the youngest elected person to serve on the Chester City Council in 1999 and later became the youngest to serve on the Chester County Council in 2000 to 2006. He worked hard as a councilman and was a member of the sub committees such as the Recreation, Properties, Public Safety, and 1 cent Sales Tax. He renounced this position as he decided to run for the South Carolina House of Representatives. He believes the hopes that his insight and talent would contribute greatly to the growth and the development of younger people. John is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

Nicole Lowen

State Rep.Kailua-Kona

Nicole first became involved in politics while in graduate school studying planning and environmental policy. In 2012, she worked at the Hawaii State Legislature and had the opportunity to see government in action in person. After working at the legislature, it became clear that government must be changed from the inside and made more transparent and accountable. With the encouragement of colleagues, friends, and family, Nicole made the leap and decided to run for office. She’s currently chairing the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection, and have focused on the transition to clean energy and clean transportation, climate adaptation and mitigation, natural resource protection, and waste management. Nicole is a member of Elected Officials to Protect America’s National Leadership Council.

Tina Maharath

State Senator, OH

Tina was the first Asian-American woman elected to the Ohio State Senate. She is a mother of two young boys, and a native of Whitehall, Ohio. The daughter of refugees from the war-torn Southeast Asian nation of Laos who fled to the United States, she was inspired by her upbringing and community to dedicate her life to public service. Prior to public office, she worked as a financial analyst forecasting staffing needs in private sectors, while being a community organizer who served on local advisory boards and committees and held roles in the government and nonprofit sectors.

Boyd Morson

Councilmember, MN

Boyd Morson, the first African American to be elected to serve as a Brooklyn Park was elected in 2020 as the first African American to be elected to serve as a Brooklyn Park, city councilmember, in the city’s 160 plus year history. He currently, boldly, bravely, and proudly represents the Central District as one of two, city councilmembers serving the mosaic community in the city. Boyd, is the first and only born African American to ever be elected to serve in over 160 plus year history of Brooklyn Park. Boyd, is recognized as a powerful force of respected integrity on the council and within the city and uses his tried, tested and proven abilities and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. His very first accomplishment as councilman was to change the city oath. An oath that each elected officials will swear-in too to include the residents too and in 2023, the entire newly elected officials swore in to his new oath

Monaé Nickerson

Vice Mayor Dumfries, VA

Monaé has dedicated her life to service in action through pro-bono work, community service, and advocacy; with over 20 years of continuous service, she devotes her time to being a community steward. Monáe has served since 2018 on the Dumfries Town Council as the first black female Vice Mayor. Monaé serves her community by advocating for and empowering children, women, minorities, and underrepresented groups through leadership, advocacy, education, and public policy engagements. Her leadership has resulted in numerous advancements for the Town of Dumfries. Vice Mayor Nickerson exemplifies her motto “Don’t just complain, contribute” and encourages her constituents to improve their communities with increased engagement, not just to complain about what’s wrong, but to contribute to change. Monaé holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and other certifications applicable to her career field.

A. Parkinson

State Senator, TN, Veteran

After facing a hardships and becoming homeless during Antony’s  latter childhood years, he became determined to make something of himself so he moved out when he was sixteen. He graduated at seventeen. and joined the United States Marine Corps which brought him to Memphis where he has been dedicated to creating opportunities for those around him for personal and professional growth. Upon arriving in Memphis, he served on Shelby County Fire Department and retired a fire lieutenant after 25 years of service. As a retired firefighter, business owner, and member of Breath of Life Christian Center, he worked hard before I was elected to the House of Representatives.

Harold Pope Jr.

State Senator, Veteran, NM

The first African American ever elected to the New Mexico Senate, Harold was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado, the city known as the “Home of Heroes” because it is the hometown of four “Congressional Medal of Honour” recipients. Growing up in this community was the reason to enlist in the U.S. Air Force after high school graduation. While in the Air Force he worked as a dental technician and took college courses in the evening. After finishing his term of enlistment Harold decided to leave active duty, join the reserves, and attend college full-time where he enrolled at the University of New Mexico and would graduate with a B.S. in Biochemistry. These life experiences growing up, serving in the military, leading non-profit organizations, and working for the city have provided him with the essential leadership, perspective, and critical thinking skills needed to serve in the New Mexico Legislature. Harold is a member of the Elected Officials to Protect America – New Mexico Leadership Council.

Neil Rafferty

State Rep. Birmingham, AL,Vet

Neil Rafferty, is a State Representative and a former Marine Corps veteran who after his term of service in the military, Rafferty used his G.I. Bill benefits to earn degrees from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Rafferty’s lifetime of service has been at the core of his career. He has worked to advance the interests of our community’sunderserved as a Program Director at BAO in Birmingham. His role included managing an intensive collaboration with community members, partner nonprofits, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), state and county health departments, and clinics to implement community-coordinated, public health strategies. In the legislature, Rafferty serves on the following commit-tees: Sunset; Health; Economic Development and Tourism; Constitutions, Campaigns, and Elections.

Naquetta Ricks

State Senator, Colorado

Naquetta Ricks is the first African immigrant to be elected to the Colorado General Assembly, and the first Liberian American to be elected to any state legislature. When she was only 13, she was forced to flee civil war in Liberia, and her family settled  in  Aurora,  Colorado. As a leading Black woman in business and politics, she works tirelessly to improve her community by helping build economic knowledge, and by championing the rights of immigrants and refugees. In her first session in the General Assembly, she led the fight on groundbreaking legislation including the creation of the Immigration Legal Defense Fund, the Diverse K-12 Educator Workforce Report, the Towing Bill of Rights, and the Behavioral Health-care Continuum Gap Grant Program.

Jason Roberts

Councilmember, Vacaville, Vet

Jason is 17-year Army veteran who is currently serving as a Military Intelligence Officer in the California National Guard. Prior to commissioning, he was a Human Intelligence Collector NCO who was deployed twice to Afghanistan in 2006 and 2009. From 2020 onwards, he served as one of the CA National Guard liaisons to the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services to help coordinate responses to Covid-19, wildfires, floods, and civil unrest. He currently has an additional duty of being the Task Force CBRNE Battle Captain. His current full-time civilian job is the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program Coordinator for Yolo County in Northern California. Jason also volunteers with several veteran’s groups to include American Legion, VFW, Team RWB, and Team Rubicon. With Team Rubicon he volunteered and responded to natural disasters all over the US and even internationally.

Rosalinda Vierra

Councilmember Ceres, CA

Rosalinda Vierra had her first child when she was 17 years old and nearly ended up homeless at the age of 19 which droveher to help others and understand the mindset needed to achieve success regardless of the barriers life presents. In 2020, she started her term on the Measure H, overseeing the city’s Public Safety Tax Spending before being elected as the first Latina city councilmember in 2022 and is a strong advocate for education in her city and state. She’s currently also a certified student success specialist helping students overcome the barriers to reach their educational goals. Additionally, she waselected to the Stanislaus County Economic Development Action Committee where she ended up creating the annual county CEDS. Rosalinda believes that through the Public Leadership Certificate Program she can expand her knowledge and effectiveness to create, communicate and implement policy.

A. Santabarbara

Asm.,Schenectady, NY, Vet

Angelo Santabarbara inspires family, friends and colleagues with his devotion to helping people and enriching his community. Born in the City of Schenectady, he is a lifelong resident of Schenectady County currently residing in the Town of Rotterdam. Angelo attended public schools and graduated from State University of New York at Albany where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Angelo worked in Civil Engineering for more than 15 years before taking office in the New York State Assembly. He served as President of the Capital District Chapter New York State Society of Professional Engineers. Angelo served in the US Army Reserve for eight years with an honorable discharge in 1998. He has remained involved with veteran service organizations and was the founder of AMVETS Post 35 in his hometown of Rotterdam where he served as Post Commander. Angelo is an Elected Officials to Protect America National Leadership Council member.

Sandra Scott

State Senator, Veteran, GA

Sandra Scott is a US Army veteran. She is the engagement chair for the National Foundation of Women Legislators and represents Rex, Georgia. She previously served as the Chairperson of the Clayton County Delegation, Vice Chair of the Clayton and Henry County Delegation, Vice Chair and Whip of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus amongst many other notable appointments. These high level leadership roles highlight her ability to work collaboratively, build consensus and navigate complex legislative processes to achieve meaningful outcomes. Throughout her career she has actively contributed to shaping policies that promote equality, social justice and economic empowerment of marginalized communities. Her tireless dedication to public service and advocacy for these communities have solidified her reputation as a trailblazer and influential figure in state politics. She serves as a member of Elected Officials of America National Leadership Council.

Joyce Watterman

Council President Jersey City

In New Jersey Joyce  founded the H.O.P.E summer program for children which presents a safe, caring and educational environment. She is the founder of Women Working Together for change; a program which empowers women physically, emotionally, economically and politically. Joyce has been a volunteer Chaplin for over 30 years at Eastern State Prison and 8 years at Clinton State Prison. Joyce and her husband are the founders and Pastors of Continuous Flow Christian Center, where they bring life- changing words of strength for today and hope for tomorrow. Joyce is the first African American woman elected as Council President for the City of Jersey City.

Clint Weirick

Councilmember Grover Beach

Clint is a Councilmember for Grover Beach, California and Senior District representative for Senator John Laird (SD-17) at the San Luis Obispo County Office where he brings his wealth of knowledge in policy, national security, environment and advancement of offshore wind in California. Clint is a graduate of the FBI Los Angeles Field Office’s Citizens Academy Graduate, Sierra Club national life member and sits on numerous boards of state and national level non- governmental organizations providing them with strategic advice and direction. He believes that there is much that is needed to be done locally to create real progress; however, action is continually needed at higher state and federal levels to maximize and encourage more progress collectively to achieve goals that reduce or reverse negative impacts such as climate change. 

Ahmad Zahra

Councilmember Fullerton, CA

Born in Damascus, Ahmad Zahra grew up between Syria and the UK. He obtained a medical degree at the age of 23 and practiced for three years before deciding to follow his passion for film and media. He immigrated to the US in the late 90’s and started working his way through Hollywood. Ahmad ran for Fullerton City Council in 2018 and won becoming the first openly LGBTQ person to serve on that seat and the first openly LGBTQ Muslim to be elected in the entire nation. His focus has beento introduce and advocated for policies that help tackle the issues of housing affordability, homelessness, infrastructure, water quality, jobs and the economic disparities that have especially impacted the ever rising number of disadvantaged neighborhoods in the city and region. He was re-elected in 2020 for a second 4 year term. Ahmad has also served on a variety of boards including, The Orange County Water District among others.

Gary R. McCarthy

Mayor Schenectady NY

Gary R. McCarthy has served as Mayor since April 2011, bringing with him more than three decades of experience in government and a reputation as a hands-on, accessible, public servant who believes that government can be a force for positive change in the lives of its residents. He was elected to a full four-year term as Mayor in November 2011 and was re-elected in 2015, and in 2019. Mayor McCarthy co-chairs the Center for Economic Growth’s Capital Region Local Government Council, and previously served as President of the New York State Conference of Mayors. In 1981, he began his career as an Investigator in the Schenectady County District Attorney’s Office.

Doreen Ditoro

Councilmember Schenectady

Doreen Ditoro is a Councilmember for Schenectady, NY. Doreen is a successful small business owner and member of St. Anthony Church where she volunteers. She is also the chairperson for her community’s Little Italy.

Pat Spearman

NV State Senator

Chief Majority Whip, US Army Lt. Colonel, Veteran. Sen. Spearman was elected in November 2012 to the Nevada Senate representing District 1, becoming the first openly lesbian member of the Nevada Legislature. She was re-elected in November 2016, and has served as co-majority whip since. Regarded as one of the most liberal members of the Nevada Senate, Spearman has introduced bills that provide equal pay for women, support LGBT rights, and support veterans. Spearman is also a supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment. Moreover, she was involved in the process of establishing the Nevada Revenue Plan during the 2015 session. Before being elected senator, Spearman served in the United States Army for 29 years, reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel, was a pastor, and held several public service positions, including president of the school district of San Marcos, Texas.

A. Graham-Hudak

Canton MI Supervisor

Anne Marie Graham-Hudak was elected as Canton Township Supervisor in 2020. As a supervisor, engineer, and mother Anne creates positive change in her community. She’s helped to protect Canton’s natural beauty, managed infrastructure and growth, and attracted the jobs of tomorrow. She previously was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2016 where she served on the Planning Commission and chaired the Technology Committee, which focuses on ensuring Canton and southeast Michigan is the center of tomorrow’s automotive advancement.

Anne Hughes

CT State Representative

Representative Anne Hughes is serving her third term in the Connecticut General Assembly, representing the 135th House District. Representative Hughes has been a member of the Environmental Standards Commission on Offshore Wind since 2019 and has been designated as an Environmental Champion by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters. She loves to champion systemic, equitable, effective policy change for all of Connecticut communities, including quality public education, economic justice through fair taxation and access to healthcare regardless of documentation status or gender, race, or zip code.
Rep. Hughes worked successfully with colleagues to pass the Take Back Our Grid Act to force more accountability from utility companies, stronger Environmental Justice legislation to demand accountability from polluters,

Chuck Isenhart

Iowa State Representative

Chuck Isenhart represents distrect 72.  He  owns his own small business, Common Good Services, which offers communications, public relations, training and education, strategic planning and other organizational services. Chuck’s past or current professional activities include the Labor and Employment Relations Association, National Business Coalition on Health (Government Affairs Committee), Iowa 2010 Strategic Planning Council (Development Committee), Iowans for a Better Future Board of Directors, the Governor’s 21st Century Workforce Council and the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Customer Council. Chuck is the ranking member on the Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee. He also serves on the Natural Resources, Transportation, Agriculture and Ways and Means Committee.

Tonya Graham

Ashlan Mayor, OR

Tonya Graham was appointed Mayor on February 7, 2023 and will serve until the November 2024 election. She is the Executive Director of the Geos Institute where much of her work focuses on helping communities build climate resilience.  Tonya has spent her professional life working to address ecological and climate challenges, starting from a place of collaboration and aiming for a win-win solution wherever possible.  She believes that it is nearly impossible to separate environmental issues from other community issues. Mayor Tonya Graham was brought up in a town on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Reservation in Nevada. For the past 20 years Graham has been a resident of Ashland and says it is now her second hometown.

Inaugural National Climate and Energy Security Task Force Meeting

On February 28, 2023, 2:00 pm ET (1:00 pm CT/11:00 am PT). In partnership with the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Transportation, EOPA hosted the initial meeting of the national task force during which participants learn more about DOE’s implementation strategy for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) as well as funding opportunities for state and local programs and projects.

Office of State and Community Energy Programs (SCEP)

The Office of State and Community Energy Programs (SCEP) works with state and local organizations to significantly accelerate the deployment of clean energy technologies, catalyze local economic development and create jobs, reduce energy costs, and avoid pollution through place-based strategies involving a wide range of government, community, business and other stakeholders. 

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)

The OSDBU goal is to provide maximum practicable opportunities in the Departments’ acquisitions to all small business concerns. In doing so, the Department will meet/exceed statutory prime small and subcontracting goals.  Our Small Business Goaling Reports are tracked and monitored via, an official web site of the federal government.  

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