Carmen Ramirez Scholarship

Honoring Ventura County Supervisor Carmen Ramirez

A trailblazing fighter with a huge heart, Carmen Ramirez was an elected official, a selfless public servant, a lifelong advocate for disadvantaged people and our planet, and an incredibly effective organizer and leader who touched the lives of so many people she met. A Ventura County Supervisor and a true hero for her community, Carmen set the standard for courage in public leadership — standing up to the powerful fossil fuel industry and winning to serve and protect her community. She was also one of the most compassionate, loving people we have ever known. 

In her office, surrounded by photographs of her family, she always pointed out her youngsters, saying that they inspired her every day to continue fighting as they “are the future.”  Our irreplaceable friend, mentor, and champion left this earthly plane all too soon. A bright star was taken from us in August of 2022.  

To honor her life, leadership, and legacy, EOPA is establishing a scholarship fund in her name. The Carmen Ramirez Scholarship Fund will support emerging leaders in building political power for environmental and climate justice.

About Carmen Ramirez

Carmen was the first Latina to be elected to the Ventura County Board of Supervisors, and the first Latina to become Chair of the prestigious Board. She previously served her city of Oxnard as mayor and city councilor. As a talented quick witted lawyer she was a trailblazer defending indigenous peoples, Latinos and anyone in need. She always stood up for the underdog despite tremendous obstacles.

Her smile, wit and charm lit up every room that was graced by her presence. Everyone who worked with Carmen knew of her passion, commitment, dedication and love she put into progressing justice for all. She was a compassionate climate champion who multiple times saved her community from the grasp of overreaching entities that were focused on profits over people’s lives.

She helped make Oxnard a shining example of a city that protects the lives and livelihoods of residents by transitioning to a just clean energy future, amongst other measures.

Carmen was a true abuela, grandmother, to us all. In Latino culture an abuela looks after everyone with loving support and is never afraid to realign those who need good advice. She worked tirelessly as a founding Leadership Council member and close advisor on our Elected Officials to Protect America California Chapter to make sure her beloved state ensures a just transition for workers while a 100% transition to clean, renewable energy happens with the urgency the climate crisis demands.

Carmen was a true leader. For all of us at EOPA, Carmen will remain a role model.


National Fellows working with Elected Officials to Protect America (EOPA) in good standing are eligible to be considered for the Scholarship. Preference will be given to applicants who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to climate and environmental justice, identify as BIPOC, or who are from frontline or disadvantaged communities.

Scholarship Amount

The scholarship award is up to $5,000

How to Apply

Applicants must submit an essay on the topic, “How climate and environmental injustice directly impacts me and/or my community.”  Essay limit is 750 words.

Essays are judged on their authenticity, poignancy, and relevance to EOPA’s purpose of protecting people and planet and core principles of Public Stewardship, Courageous Leadership, and Collective Power. Applicants should ensure submissions are well-written and grammatically correct. Any scientific research results should be cited. 

Essays should be submitted with the National Fellow application

Applicants who are unable to submit the online application should contact us via e-mail at well in advance and prior to the stated application deadlines

EOPA Core Principles

  • Public Stewardship. Elected officials are publicly entrusted to steward our communities, democracy, and future. We believe it is the responsibility of our elected officials, who take a constitutional oath of office to protect the general welfare, to represent and act to secure the common, long-term interests of all who they represent, including marginalized peoples, children, future generations, and all life.  
  • Courageous Leadership. Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary leadership. When a problem threatens our public welfare, it is the responsibility of our elected officials to step up and lead the solution. The consequences of failing to address the climate and ecological emergencies are so severe that it threatens the survival of our democracy.
  • Collective Power. We have the power to join together and collectively lead, no matter the challenge. When a problem crosses jurisdictional boundaries, our elected officials must come together to provide collective leadership to solve the problem. We must provide the collective leadership necessary to protect our people and communities and restore our environment and democracy.