EOPA’s parent non-profit the Solon Center for Research and Publishing has published over 70 books with its project Polar Bear & Company. The Solon Center builds community in through educational, literary, scientific and artistic means, with publications, research, exhibits at its gallery, environmental and cultural projects, events and initiatives. We work to help the humanities flourish for the betterment of a sustainable planet.

EOPA runs  Protect Earth Newsmagazine, which highlights what lawmakers — from the local level on up to the federal government —are doing to protect the earth in the climate crisis fight.  Our lawmaker-run podcast the City Climate Corner is up on PEN and explores how small and mid-sized cities are tackling climate change and moving toward an equitable and sustainable future.


“Today, 40% of the world’s people are affected by water scarcity; 80% of wastewater is discharged untreated into the environment, and more than 90% of disasters are water-related.” 


EOPA has a film production arm. Code Blue, 501(c) 4 to educate lawmakers, the media, and the public through visual value-based communication to inspire climate action. We have produced videos on clean transportation, created a short documentary on water security where Saudi Arabia is buying up water rights, and countless other stories to express the urgency of the climate crisis through story telling.