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some highlights over the years –

Elected Officials to Protect America holds summits, webinars, press conferences regularly, attends conferences, and teaches to bring elected officials together to combat the climate crisis with empathy, science, vision, and support ground breaking policies.

Elected Officials to Protect America Virtual Offshore Wind Summit

Join us with federal, state, and local officials, including state lawmakers, local elected officials, state agency officials, industry representatives, and offshore wind experts.

Led by representatives of frontline communities, our virtual Summit will provide an educational opportunity for how offshore wind will benefit NY and NJ communities, policies to ensure responsible offshore wind development, and how we can work together to ensure offshore wind provides clean energy to power our communities, prosperity, and future.

The virtual summit will highlight state and local policy solutions for offshore wind investments, leasing, manufacturing, workforce development projects, supply chains, labor laws and prevailing wage, and environmental reviews to keep offshore wind moving forward and benefit our communities, workers, environment, and prosperity.

D.C. Climate Emergency & Energy Security Summit in partnership with DOE 2023:

On November 16 we held a successful Summit in DC in partnership with the Department of Energy. We highlighted how the Inflation Reduction Act helps environmental justice communities, veteran owned businesses, and new technologies. We also had the opportunity to showcase clean energy solutions. Read more about the Summit HERE.

“Connecting lawmakers, NGO’s, and clean energy companies, to create potential public-private partnerships is one of our goals at the summit as the IRA will help us accelerate and scale climate solutions. The IRA is already making our nation more secure – helping millions of families and hard working Americans,” said Alex Cornell du Houx, former Maine state Representative, Marine combat veteran, and President and Co-Founder of EOPA.

California Climate Emergency & Energy Security Summit:

At our December 5th, 2022 Inaugural EOPA California summit, hosted by the California Energy Commission, a range of experts discussed how transitioning to a 100% clean energy economy is key to California’s prosperity with an equitable transition from fossil fuels. Offshore wind farms would help accelerate the process and realize the state’s clean energy goals. David Chiu, San Francisco City Attorney, former CA Assemblyman, is the co-author of the CA offshore wind law and was our keynote speaker, who delivered a rising speech and said offshore wind’s buildout, “must be equitable, affordable and sustainable.” Please listen HERE.

  • Learn more about the California Climate Emergency & Energy Security Summit of 2022 here, and its speakers here.

D.C. Climate Emergency & Energy Security Summit 2022: 

At the Elected Officials to Protect America annual D.C. Climate Emergency & Energy Security Summit on August 15, over 450 elected officials from across the country were briefed by the White House and Department of Energy. EOPA also showcased exciting clean energy solutions. Officials from the White House who spoke to participants at the EOPA Climate Emergency & Energy Security SummitThe DOE is a major agency that will help implement the IRA.

Ron Pierce, U.S. DOE Director, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, hosted EOPA at the DOE and spoke along with his esteemed colleagues. Jigar Shah, the DOE Director of the Loan Programs Office was another keynote speaker. Shah is notable for gaining prominence as an American clean energy entrepreneur, and author. Shaw set the stage when he remarked that the IRA was a huge deal but said in order to solve the climate crisis on the scale needed the investments have to be, “a trillion dollar scale.” He encouraged public-private partnerships to make it happen.

  • Learn more about the Washington D.C. Climate Emergency & Energy Security Summit of 2022 here, with its press event here. 
The Conference of the Parties (COP):
The Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC, or COP is an annual United Nations Climate Change conference which endeavors to deliver critical action on an array of issues imperative to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, building resilience, and adapting to the inevitable impacts of the climate crisis.


Read about us in the press HERE.

Additionally, EOPA has a Certificate in Public Leadership and a Masters program in partnership with the University of San Francisco. Students learn about the importance of emotional intelligence in public leadership to cyber security, body language, disinformation, how to film videos, debate climate issues and much more. 

The program’s aim is to advance participants’ ability to further the public good while implementing policy solutions. More here.

Here's a video clip of David Chiu, San Francisco City Attorney, former CA Assemblyman speaking at our CA Climate Emergency and Energy Security Summit  on the importance of offshore wind