Join us in urging Governor Newsom to protect our public health and climate

Governor Gavin Newsom
1303 10th Street, Suite 1173,
Sacramento, CA 95814


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Dear Governor Newsom,

We, the undersigned elected officials, are deeply concerned about the immediate and long-term harms to the people we represent from climate change and pollution caused by the extraction, processing, and burning of fossil fuels.

California has made great progress by committing our electricity sector to be carbon-neutral by 2045 and supporting the Paris Agreement. We appreciate that you have made addressing climate change a priority of your administration. You have rightly said, “we must map out longer-term strategies…for California’s energy future, to ensure that the cost of climate change doesn’t fall on those least able to afford it.”

The science is clear that phasing out fossil fuel production is urgently needed to address climate change and protect public health. It is imperative that California issue no new permits and establish public health setbacks for existing oil and gas drilling. Production of oil and gas is a significant contributor to California’s greenhouse gas emissions.1,2 Yet California remains a top oil-producing state, and three-quarters of oil produced here is as climate-damaging as Canada’s tar sands crude oil.3 The disastrous consequences of fossil fuel production and burning from air pollution alone — not including escalating harms from droughts, fires, mudslides, storms, and sea level rise — already cost Californians more than 12,000 lives and $100 billion dollars annually.4

Unfortunately, the worst costs of fossil fuels are falling on Californians least able to afford them, exacerbating environmental injustices. More than 14,500 active California oil and gas wells are located within 3,200 feet of homes, schools, and hospitals,5 where, according to the California Council on Science and Technology, exposure to toxic air contaminants and other pollution caused by oil and gas wells is a significant threat to public health.6 These harms disproportionately impact people of color and economically disadvantaged communities.7 Between 2011 and 2018, of the more than 21,000 new oil and gas wells permitted by the state, 76 percent are located in communities with above-average poverty rates for California, and 67 percent are located in communities of color.8

These harms are a bad deal for Californians. The oil and gas industry contributes less than 0.9 percent of California’s GDP and 0.2 percent of jobs,9,10 whereas transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewable energy and expanding electrification is a net job creator.11,12

As governor of California, you have a historic opportunity to lead our nation and the world on a pivotal path away from fossil fuels. Recognizing that we are in a climate emergency, as you have acknowledged, and given the grave public health and environmental justice consequences of fossil fuel production in California, we respectfully urge you to make a new statewide commitment and lay out a plan to achieve the following:

  • End the issuance of permits for new fossil fuel projects, including permits for new oil and gas wells, infrastructure for fossil fuels, and petrochemical projects in California.
  • Design a swift, managed decline of all fossil fuel production, starting with implementing a 3,200-foot human health and safety buffer zone around all homes, hospitals, schools, playgrounds, and farms to protect public health and address the severe environmental injustice of production in low-income communities and communities of color.
  • Commit the state to 100% clean, renewable energy in all sectors, starting with significant investments in disadvantaged communities and areas that are already suffering the most from the worst impacts of fossil fuel extraction and climate change.

Phasing out fossil fuel production is paramount to addressing climate change, and will make California healthier and safer. It will also create hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout the state as we increase investment in renewable energy, clean vehicles and buildings, energy efficiency, public transportation, and other innovative solutions.4,12 We must include a just transition for fossil fuel workers to help build the clean energy economy of tomorrow, reducing pollution and expanding opportunity for all.

We look to you to provide the leadership we need for a safe, healthy, and prosperous California.



Members of EOPA California

NameElected PositionMunicipality or District
Jeff AalfsVice MayorCity of Portola
Jonathan AbboudTrusteeSanta Barbara Community College District
Janet AbelsonCouncilmemberCity of El Cerrito
Dolly AdamsBoard MemberCastro Valley School Board
Karen AdamsTreasurer-Tax CollectorMerced County
Larry AgranCouncilmemberCity of Irvine
Madolyn AgrimontiCouncilmemberCity of Sonoma
Victor AguilarCouncilmemberCity of San Leandro
James AguilarSchool Board TrusteeSan Leandro Unified School District
Salvador AlatorreCouncilmemberCity of Lynwood
Norma AlcalaCouncilmemberCity of West Sacramento
Elizabeth AlcantarMayorCity of Cudahy
Eric AlegriaCouncilmemberCity of Rancho Palos Verdes
Austin AllisonCouncilmemberCity of Eureka
Jesse AlvaradoCouncilmemberCity of Hawaiian Gardens
Josue AlvaradoCouncilmemberCity of Whittier
Erin Hannigan AndrewsSupervisorSolano County
Melody AppletonDistrict DirectorCastro Valley Sanitary District
Valerie ArkinVice MayorCity of Pleasanton
Stacey ArmatoMayorCity of Hermosa Beach
Will ArnoldCouncilmemberCity of Davis
Jesse ArreguínMayorCity of Berkeley
Marilyn AshcraftMayorCity of Alameda
Denise AthasCouncilmemberCity of Novato
Michael AtwellDistrict AttorneyAlpine County
Bryan AzevedoCouncilmemberCity of San Leandro
Vinnie BaconCouncilmemberCity of Fremont
Melanie BagbyCouncilmemberCity of Cloverdale
Sylvia BallinCouncilmemberCity of San Fernando
Brian BarnacleCouncilmemberCity of Petaluma
Tim BarnesMayorCity of Lakeport
Teresa BarrettMayorCity of Petaluma
John BartholomewTreasurerHumboldt County
Ben BartlettCouncilmemberCity of Berkeley
John BautersCouncilmemberCity of Emeryville
Emily BeachCouncilmemberCity of Burlingame
Barry BeckAssessorMono County
Kristi BeckerCouncilmemberCity of Solana Beach
Jovanka BecklesDirectorAC Transit Board
Eli BeckmanCouncilmemberCity of Corte Madera
Gina BelforteMayorCity of Rohert Park
Yvonne Martinez-BeltranCouncilmemberCity of Morgan Hill
Alma BeltranMayorCity of Parlier
Jacques BertrandMayorCity of Capitola
Mary BierCouncilmemberCity of Pacifica
Tygarjas BigstyckCouncilmemberCity of Pacifica
Catherine BlakespearMayorCity of Encinitas
Rick BonillaMayorCity of San Mateo
Mike BoninCouncilmemberCity of Los Angeles
Spencer BrandtDirectorIsla Vista Community Services District
Yvette BrooksCouncilmemberCity of Capitola
Daniel BrotmanCouncilmemberCity of Glendale
Carre BrownChairMendocino County Board of Supervisors
Alex BrownCouncilmemberCity of Chico
Sandy BrownCouncilmemberCity of Santa Cruz
Monica BrownCounty SupervisorSolano County
Vallie BrownSupervisorSan Francisco County
Jeremy BrownSupervisorTrinity County
Michael BrownriggCouncilmemberCity of Burlingame
Jeannie BruinsCouncilmemberCity of Los Altos
Barbara BryPresident Pro TemSan Diego
Miles BurginCouncilmemberCity of Santa Rosa
Thomas ButtMayorCity of Richmond
Mary CampbellMayorCity of Hermosa Beach
Susan CandellCouncilmemberCity of Lafayette
David CanepaSupervisorSan Mateo County
Chris CanningMayorCity of Calistoga
Mary Ann CarboneMayorCity of Sand City
Bob CarlingCouncilmemberCity of Livermore
Ken CarlsonCouncilmemberCity of Pleasant Hill
Candy CarlsonSupervisorTehama County
Kim CarrCouncilmemberCity of Huntington Beach
Adam CarranzaBoard MemberMountain View School District
Keith CarsonBoard PresidentAlameda County
Jacque CasillasMayorCity of Corona
Ruscal CayangyangBoard MemberVallejo School Board
Wilma ChanSupervisorAlameda County
James ChangRent Board CommissionerBerkeley Rent Stabilization Board
Jorgel ChavezMayor Pro TemCity of Bell Gardens
Al ClarkVice MayorCity of Carpinteria
Robert CoeCouncilmemberCity of Wheatland
David CohenCouncilmemberCity of San Jose
James ColemanCouncilmemberCity of South San Francisco
Barbara ColerMayorCity of Fairfax
Kate ColinMayorCity of San Rafael
Ron CollinsVice MayorCity of San Carlos
Julie CombsCouncilmemberCity of Santa Rosa
Cynthia ConnersMayorCity of Laguna Woods
Damon ConnollySupervisorMarin County
David CookMayorCity of Sonoma
Ryan CoonertySupervisorSanta Cruz County
David CorteseState SenatorDistrict 15
Deborah CoxCouncilmemberCity of San Leandro
Frank CrawfordVice PresidentMarysville Joint United School District
Marta CruzCouncilmemberCity of Cloverdale
Justin CummingsCouncilmemberCity of Santa Cruz
Pauline CutterMayorCity of San Leandro
John D'AmicoCouncilmemberCity of West Hollywood
Summer DaughertyCouncilmemberCity of Blue Lake
Cheryl DavilaCouncilmemberCity of Berkeley
Gleam DavisMayor Pro TemCity of Santa Monica
Serge DedinaMayorCity of Imperial Beach
Rick DeGoliaVice MayorCity of Atherton
Bruce DelgadoMayorCity of Marina
John Dell'OssoMayorCity of Cotati
Lynda DeschambaultMayorCity of Moraga CA
Jim DiazCouncilmemberCity of Clayton
Paul DohringCouncilmemberCity of St. Helena
Thomas DonahueCouncilmemberCity of Emeryville
Brian DossBoard MemberAlbany Unified School District
Sydney Kamlager-DoveState SenatorDistrict 30
Linda DraperCouncilmemberCity of Oroville
Lori DrosteVice MayorCity of Berkeley
John DuranMayor Pro TemCity of West Hollywood
Clementina DuronVice PresidentAlbany Unified School District
Lynn EdmondsCouncilmemberCity of Fillmore
John EricksonCouncilmemberCity of West Hollywood
Rodrigo EspinozaSupervisorMerced County
Emmanuel EstradaMayorCity of Baldwin Park
Paul FadeliCouncilmemberCity of El Cerrito
John FasanaMayorCity of Duarte
Alexis FinemanCouncilmemberCity of San Anselmo
Alex FischCouncilmemberCity of Culver City
D'Lynda FischerCouncilmemberCity of Petaluma
Maggie FishmanTrusteeSanta Rosa Junior College
Oscar FloresCouncilmemberCity of Lynwood
Dominic FoppoliMayorCity of Windsor
Suza FrancinaCouncilmemberCity of Ojai
Lucas FrerichsMayorCity of Davis
John FriedrichCouncilmemberCity of South Lake Tahoe
Debora FudgeCouncilmemberCity of Windsor
Patrick FureyMayorCity of Torrance
Jill GalvezCouncilmemberCity of Chula Vista
Frank GarciaCouncilmemberCity of Maywood
Rebecca GarciaCouncilmemberCity of Watsonville
Ge'Nell GaryMayorCity of Albany
Lisa GauthierVice MayorCity of East Palo Alto
Jill GayaldoCouncilmemberCity of Rocklin
Lakhvir GhagCouncilmemberCity of Live Oak
Elizabeth GibbonsCouncilmemberCity of Campbell
Bruce GibsonSupervisorSan Luis Obispo County
Noralea GipnerCouncilmemberCity of Martinez
Roger GitlinSupervisorDel Norte County
Renee GoddardCouncilmemberCity of Fairfax
Leah GoldCouncilmemberCity of Healdsburg
Michael GoldmanCouncilmemberCity of Sunnyvale
Aaron GomezCouncilmemberCity of San Luis Obispo
Shanthi GonzalesBoard MemberOakland Unified School District
Rubio GonzalezCouncilmemberCity of Pomona
Tim GoodrichCouncilmemberCity of Torrance
John GoodwinCouncilmemberCity of Colma
Morgan GoodwinVice MayorCity of Truckee
James GoreSupervisorSonoma County
Susan GorinCounty SupervisorSonoma County
Martha GuerreroMayorCity of West Sacramento
Laurie GuillenCouncilmemberCity of Paramount
Sarah Glade GurneyCouncilmemberCity of Sebastopol
Marcia GuthrieCouncilmemberCity of Pismo Beach
Alan HaffaCouncilmemberCity of Monterey
Sophie HahnCouncilmemberCity of Berkeley
Heidi HallBoard ChairNevada County
Wayne HammarTreasurer-Tax CollectorSiskiyou County
David HamptonCouncilmemberCity of Rio Vistalifornia
John HarabedianCouncilmemberCity of Sierra Madre
Heidi HarmonMayorCity of San Luis Obispo
Amy HarringtonMayorCity of Sonoma
Kate HarrisonVice MayorCity of Berkeley
Susan HarveyCouncilmemberCity of Cotati
John HaschakCounty SupervisorMendocino County
John HeaddingMayorCity of Morro Bay California
Mike HealyVice MayorCity of Petaluma
Lesa HeebnerMayorCity of Solana Beach
Judy HegenauerCouncilmemberCity of Solano Beach
John HeilmanCouncilmemberCity of West Hollywood
Herman HernandezBoard MemberSonoma County Board of Education
Felipe HernandezCouncilmemberCity of Watsonville
Alison HicksVice MayorCity of Mountain View
Sue HigginsCouncilmemberCity of Oakley
Sam HindiMayorCity of Foster City
Sara HinkleyTrusteeAlbany Unified School District
Neysa HintonCouncilmemberCity of Sebastopol
Kellie HinzeCouncilmemberCity of Encinitas
Kimberly HoCouncilmemberCity of Westminster
Hilary HodgeCouncilmemberCity of Grass Valley
Dennis HoffmanCouncilmemberCity of Orland
Donald HolleyCouncilmemberCity of Madera
Reuben HoloberCouncilmemberCity of Millbrae
Christy HolstegeCouncilmemberCity of Palm Springs
Cynthia HomenCouncilmemberCity of Patterson
Lynda HopkinsSupervisorSonoma County
Shari HorneCouncilmemberCity of Laguna Woods
Christian HorvathCouncilmemberCity of Redondo Beach
Stephen HoulahanCouncilmemberCity of Santee
Scott HuberCouncilmemberCity of Chico
Peter HuebnerVice ChairSierra County
Robert HuittMayor Pro TemCity of Pacific Grove
Rachel HundleyCouncilmemberCity of Sonoma
Sudhanshu JainCouncilmemberCity of Santa Clara
Norma Kastner-JaureguiMayor Pro TemCity of Brawley
Brady JenkinsMayorCity of Firebaugh
Christopher JimenezCity ClerkCity of Montebello
Claudia JimenezCouncilmemberCity of Richmond
Johnny JohnstonMayorCity of Ojai
Dianne JonesTrusteeFremont Unified School District
Mark JosephVice MayorCity of American Canyon
Joe Baca Jr.SupervisorSan Bernardino County
Dan KalbCouncilmemberCity of Oakland
Joe KalmickMayorCity of Seal Beach
Samuel KangCouncilmemberCity of Duarte
Rebecca KaplanVice MayorCity of Oakland
Stuart KasdinCouncilmemberCity of Goleta
Jenny KassanCouncilmemberCity of Fremont
Andy KatzDirectorEast Bay Municipal Utility District
Steven KearneyMayor Pro TemCity of Lawndale
Jenny KenoyerCouncilmemberCity of Modesto
Farrah KhanMayorCity of Irvine
Marina KhubesrianMayorCity of South Pasadena
David KingCouncilmemberCity of Petaluma
Valerie KlinefelterCouncilmemberCity of Plymonth
Manu KoenigCounty SupervisorSanta Cruz County
Paul KoretzCouncilmemberCity of Los Angeles
Geoff KorsCouncilmemberCity of Palm Springs
Gary KrausCouncilmemberCity of Calistoga
Chris KrohnCouncilmemberCity of Santa Cruz
Sheila KuehlSupervisorLos Angeles County
David KunhardtCouncilmemberCity of Corte Madera
James KyriacoCouncilmemberCity of Goleta
Peter LacquesCouncilmemberCity of Fairfax
Sara LamninCouncilmemberCity of Hayward
Mark LandmanCouncilmemberCity of Cotati
Neal LattDirectorHumboldt Bay Municipal Water District
Daniel LeeMayorCity of Culver City
Will LeeMayorCity of Fort Bragg
Brett LeeMayor Pro TemCity of Chico
Wayne J LeeVice MayorCity of Millbrae
Esther LemusCouncilmemberCity of Windsor
Clifford LentzCouncilmemberCity of Brisbane
John LeopoldSupervisorSanta Cruz
Henry LevyTreasurerAlameda County
Andrew LewisCouncilmemberCity of North Westwood NC
Victor LinaresCouncilmemberCity of Covina
Todd LoewensteinCouncilmemberCity of Redondo Beach
Corina LopezCouncilmemberCity of San Leandro
Jesse LorenCouncilmemberCity of Winters
Eric LucanMayorCity of Novato
Christina LuceroPresidentBaldwin Park Unified School District
Lange LuntaoSchool Board TrusteeStockton Unified School District
Karina MaciasMayorCity of Huntington Park
Jake MackenzieCouncilmemberCity of Rohert Park
Oscar MadrigalCouncilmemberCity of Oxnard
Steve MadroneSupervisorHumboldt County
Diana MahmudMayorCity of South Pasadena
Andrea MarrMayor Pro TemCity of Costa Mesa
Deirdre MartinMayor Pro TemCity of Pacifica
Dianne MartinezCouncilmemberCity of Emeryville
Yanely MartinezMayor Pro TemCity of Greenfield
Eduardo MartinezVIce MayorCity of Richmond
Justin MasseyCouncilmemberCity of Hermosa Beach
Shelly MasurCouncilmemberCity of Redwood City
Shaun McCafferyCouncilmemberCity of Healdsburg
Kevin McKeownCouncilmemberCity of Santa Monica
Gayle McLaughlinCouncilmemberCity of Richmond
Yamine-Imani McMorrinCouncilmemberCity of Culver City
Peggy McquaidCouncilmemberCity of Albany
Marty MedinaCouncilmemberCity of San Bruno
Abigail Rosales-MedinaPresidentSan Bernardino Unified School District
Lauren MeisterMayorCity of West Hollywood
Salvador MelendezCouncilmemberCity of Montebello
Cecilia MendezTrusteeStockton Unified School District
Heidi MessnerCouncilmemberCity of Eureka
Nate MileyVice PresidentBoard of Supervisors
Katherine MillerSupervisorSan Joaquin County
Erin Ruark-MinettCouncilmemberCity of Nevada City
Manuel MinjaresCouncilmemberCity of Fillmore
Judith MitchellMayor Pro TemCity of Rolling Hills Estates
Stanley MokCouncilmemberCity of Los Altos Hills
Carmen MontanoVice MayorCity of Milpitas
Jose MorenoCouncilmemberCity of Anaheim
Kati MoultonCouncilmemberCity of Eureka
Trish MunroCouncilmemberCity of Livermore
Betsy NashMayorCity of Menlo Park
Rochelle NasonCouncilmemberCity of Albany
Joe NaujokasCouncilmemberCity of Healdsburg
Michael NichollsCouncilmemberLower Russian River Municipal Advisory Council
Mike O'NeillCouncilmemberCity of Pacifica
Jennifer Torres-OcallaghanCouncilmemberCity of Lathrop
Robert OcampoTrusteeAlisal Union School District
Ian OglesbyMayorCity of Seaside
Rochelle Pardue-OkimotoMayorCity of El Cerrito
Elsa OrtizVice PresidentAlameda-Contra Costa Transit District
Karl OryCouncilmemberCity of Chico
Bryan OsorioMayorCity of Delano
Skylaer PalaciosCouncilmemberCity of Healdsburg
Ken PalfiniMayorCity of Weed
Colin ParentCouncilmemberCity of La Mesa
Jane ParkerSupervisorMonterey County
Linda ParksCounty SupervisorVentura County
R. Rex ParrisMayorCity of Lancaster
Skylar PeakMayor Pro TemCity of Malibu
Jeannine PearceCouncilmemberCity of Long Beach
Andy PeaseCouncilmemberCity of San Luis Obispo
H.E. Christian PeeplesDirectorAlameda-Contra Costa Transit District
Claudia Bill-de la PenaCouncilmemberCity of Thousand Oaks
Deborah PenroseCouncilmemberCity of Half Moon Bay
Jan PepperVice MayorCity of Los Altos
Raul PeralezCouncilmemberCity of San Jose
Sofia PereiraMayorCity of Arcata
Felipe PerezCouncilmemberCity of Firebaugh
Paula PerotteMayorCity of Goleta
Kristen PetersenCouncilmemberCity of Capitola
Mikke PiersonCouncilmemberCity of Malibu
Nick PilchMayorCity of Albany
Dave PineSupervisorSan Mateo County
Paul PitinoCouncilmemberCity of Arcata
Dennis PocekayCouncilmemberCity of Petaluma
David PollockCouncilmemberCity of Moor Park
Thomas PowellCouncilmemberCity of Waterford
Jim ProvenzaBoard ChairYolo County
Siri PulipatiCouncilmemberCity of Rancho Cordova
Brandon PursellCouncilmemberCity of Kingsburg
Caitlin QuinnBoard TrusteePetaluma Joint Union High School District
Gabriel QuintoMayorCity of El Cerrito
Robert RaburnSan Francisco Bay Area Rapid TransitDirector
Alex RandolphVice PresidentCity College of San Francisco
Harvey RarbackCouncilmemberCity of Half Moon Bay
John ReedCouncilmemberCity of Fairfax
Daniel ReidCouncilmemberCity of Lawndale
Rob RennieMayorCity of Los Gatos
Cynthia ReplogleDirectorOceano Community Services District
Arlis ReynoldsCouncilmemberCity of Costa Mesa
Chris RicciCouncilmemberCity of Modesto
John RichardsCouncilmemberCity of Portola Valley
Kyle RichardsMayor Pro TemCity of Goleta
Margarita RiosVice MayorCity of Norwalk
Eduardo De La RivaCouncilmemberCity of Maywood
Sean Elo-RiveraCouncilmemberCity of San Diego
John RizzoTrusteeCity College of San Francisco
Clyde RobersonMayorCity of Monterey
J.R. RobertsMayor Pro TemCity of Palm Springs
Deborah RobertsonMayorCity of Rialto
Rigel RobinsonCouncilmemberCity of Berkeley
Derek RobinsonCouncilmemberCity of Madera
Anthony RochaCouncilmemberCity of Salinas
Dennis RodoniSupervisorMarin County
Annette RodriguezCouncilmemberCity of Santa Fe Springs
Martha Camacho RodriguezWater Board DirectorCentral Basin Municipal Water
Natalie RogersCouncilmemberCity of Santa Rosa
Chris RogersVice MayorCity of Santa Rosa
Carlos RomeroMayorCity of East Palo Alto
Deborah RuddockCouncilmemberCity of Half Moon Bay
Victoria RuffinBoard MemberAntelope Valley Union High School District
Salvador Solorio-RuizCouncilmemberCity of Delano
Erik RybergMayorCity of Etna
Mary Casillas SalasMayorCity of Chula Vista
Sam SalmonCouncilmemberCity of Windsor
Rebecca SaltzmanPresidentBay Area Rapid Transit Region Board
Jesus SandovalCouncilmemberCity of fontana
Laura L SantosTrusteeMt. San Antonio College
Michael SaundersPresidentGeorgetown Divide Public Utility District
John SawyerCouncilmemberCity of Santa Rosa
Don SaylorSupervisorYolo County
Steven ScharfMayorCity of Cupertino
Lisa SchmidtCouncilmemberCity of Los Altos Hills
Ann SchneiderCouncilmemberCity of Millbrae
Nick SchultzCouncilmemberCity of Burbank
Ann SchwabbCouncilmemberCity of Chico
Tom SchwedhelmMayorCity of Santa Rosa
Kathrin SearsSupervisorMarin County
Mariam ShahMayor Pro TemCity of Grover Beach
Sepi ShyneCouncilmemberCity of West Hollywood
Jose SigalaMayorCity of Tulare
Fred SimonCouncilmemberCity of San Leandro
Lateefah SimonDirectorBay Area Rapid Transit
Wendy SkillmanCouncilmemberCity of Cotati
Thomas SmallCouncilmemberCity of Culver City
Christopher SmithCouncilmemberCity Of Oakdale
Naresh SolankiCouncilmemberCity of Cerritos
Rene SpringCouncilmemberCity of Morgan Hill
Tara SreekrishnanBoard MemberSanta Clara County Board of Education
Hildy SternCouncilmemberCity of Manhattan Beach
Greer StoneCouncilmemberCity of Palo Alto
Charles StoneMayorCity of Belmont
Randall StoneMayorCity of Chico
Duane StrawserVice MayorCity of Nevada City
Madge StrongMayorCity of Willits
Linda SwanfCouncilmemberCity of Los Altos Hills
Brian TabatabaiCouncilmemberCity of West Covina
Ali TajCouncilmemberCity of Artesia
Elizabeth TalbottCouncilmemberCity of Waterford
Ed TaoCouncilmemberCity of Laguna Woods
Loren TaylorCouncilmemberCity of District 6
Kara TaylorCouncilmemberCity of Placerville
Jack TibbettsCouncilmemberCity of Santa Rosa
Roseann TorresDirectorOakland Unified School District
Jonathan TorrezCouncilmemberCity of Point Arena
Igor TregubCommissionerBerkeley Rent Stabilization Board
Steve TrujilloTrusteeCabrillo College
Jason TurnerCouncilmemberCity of Cloverdale
Rowena TurnerMayorCity of Monte Sereno
Christopher UngarTrusteeSan Luis Coastal Unified School District
Susan UpchurchChief of StaffSupervisor Lynda Hopkins
Silvia VacaPresidentWilliams Unified School District
Nestor ValenciaCouncilmemberCity of Bell
Katie ValenzuelaCouncilmemberCity of Sacramento
Charles VarniChairOceano Advisory Council
Sue VateriausMayor Pro TemCity of Pacifica
Carol Dutra-VernaciMayorCity of Union City
Alejandro Soto-VigilCommissionerBerkeley Rent Stabilization Board
Miguel VillapuduaSupervisorSan Joaquin County
Paula VillescazBoard MemberSan Juan Unified School District
Brad WagenknechtSupervisorNapa County
Jefferson WagnerCouncilmemberCity of Malibu
Barbara WagnerMayor Pro TemCity of Mt. Shasta
Cheryl Viegas-WalkerMayorCity of El Centro
Christopher WardState AssemblymemberDistrict 78
Richey WassermanCouncilmemberCity of Point Arena
Martine WatkinsSanta Cruz CountyMayor
Brett WatsonCouncilmemberCity of Arcata
Illece Buckley WeberMayor Pro TemCity of Agoura Hills
Hung WeiCouncilmemberCity of Cupertino
Jonathan WeinbergCouncilmemberCity of Los Altos
Christy WeirMayorCity of Ventura
George WeissCouncilmemberCity of Laguna Beach
Courtney WelchCouncilmemberCity of Emeryville
Meghan Sahli-WellsMayorCity of Culver City
Susan WengrafCouncilmemberCity of Berkeley
Jack WestCouncilmemberCity of Trinidad
John Knox WhiteVice MayorCity of Alameda
Kevin WilkMayorCity of Walnut Creek
Jon WilleyCouncilmemberCity of Cupertino
Ted WilliamsBoard Vice ChairMendocino County Board of Supervisors
Das WilliamsCounty SupervisorSanta Barbara County First District
Marni von WilpertCouncilmemberCity of San Diego
Andy WilsonVice MayorCity of Pasadena
Jon WizardCouncilmemberCity of Seaside
Gus WolterVice MayorCity of Cloverdale
Jenny WongCity AuditorCity of Berkeley
Robert WunderlichMayorCity of Beverly Hills
Rita XavierCouncilmemberCity of San Pablo
Daniel YostMayorCity of Winters
Francisco ZermenoCouncilmemberCity of Hayward
David ZitoCouncilmemberCity of Solana Beach
Steven ZuckermanCouncilmemberCity of Rolling Hills Estates

*Titles reflect elected position at the time of signing.

**Updated to reflect current California law


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City of San MateoCity of Los AngelesIsla Vista Community Services DistrictCity of CapitolaCity of Glendale
San Mateo CountyLos Angeles CountySanta Barbara CountySanta Cruz CountyLos Angeles County
Monica BrownSandy BrownCarre BrownJeremy BrownAlex Brown
County AdministrationCity of Santa CruzBoard of SupervisorsCounty AdministrationCity of Chico
Solano CountySanta Cruz CountyMendocino CountyTrinity CountyButte County
Vallie BrownMichael BrownriggJeannie BruinsBarbara BryIllece Buckley Weber
SupervisorCouncilmemberCouncilmemberPresident Pro TemMayor Pro Tem
County AdministrationCity of BurlingameCity of Los AltosCity of San DiegoCity of Agoura Hills
San Francisco CountySan Mateo CountySanta Clara CountySan Diego CountyLos Angeles County
Illece Buckley-WeberMiles BurginThomas ButtMartha Camacho RodriguezMary Campbell
City of Agoura HillsCity of Santa RosaCity of RichmondCentral Basin Water BoardCity of Hermosa Beach
Los Angeles CountySonoma CountyContra Costa CountyLos Angeles CountyLos Angeles County
Susan CandellDavid CanepaChris CanningMary Ann CarboneRobert Carling
City of LafeyetteCounty AdministrationCity of CalistogaCity of Sand CityCity of Livermore
Contra Costa CountySan Mateo CountyNapa CountyMonterey CountyAlameda County
Ken CarlsonCandy CarlsonKim CarrAdam CarranzaKeith Carson
CouncilmemberSupervisorMayorVice PresidentBoard President
City of Pleasant HillCounty AdministrationCity of Huntington BeachMountain View School BoardCounty Administration
Contra Costa CountyTehama CountyOrange CountyLos Angeles CountyAlameda County
Jacque CasillasMary Casillas SalasRuscal CayangyangWilma ChanJames Chang
MayorMayorBoard MemberSupervisorCommissioner
City of CoronaCity of Chula VistaVallejo City USDCounty AdministrationCity of Berkeley
Riverside CountySan Diego CountySolano CountyAlameda CountyAlameda County
Jorgel ChavezAl ClarkRobert CoeDavid CohenJames Coleman
CouncilmemberVice MayorCouncilmemberCouncilmemberCity Councilmember
City of Bell GardensCity of CarpinteriaCity of WheatlandCity of San JoseCity of South San Francisco
Los Angeles CountySanta Barbara CountyYuba CountySanta Clara CountySan Mateo County
Barbara ColerKate ColinRon CollinsJulie CombsCynthia Conners
MayorCouncilmemberVice MayorCouncilmemberMayor
Town of FairfaxCity of San RafaelCity of San CarlosCity of Santa RosaCity of Laguna Woods
Marin CountyMarin CountySan Mateo CountySonoma CountyOrange County
Damon ConnollyDavid CookRyan CoonertyDave CorteseDeborah Cox
SupervisorCouncilmemberSupervisorCalifornia State SenatorCouncilmember
County AdministrationCity of SonomaCounty AdministrationCalifornia State LegislatureCity of San Leandro
Marin CountySonoma CountySanta Cruz CountySanta Clara CountyAlameda County
Frank CrawfordMarta CruzJustin CummingsPauline CutterJohn D'Amico
Vice PresidentCouncilmemberVice MayorMayorCouncilmember
Marysville Joint USDCity of CloverdaleCity of Santa CruzCity of San LeandroCity of West Hollywood
Yuba CountySonoma CountySanta Cruz CountyAlameda CountyLos Angeles County
Summer DaughertyCheryl DavilaGleam DavisEduardo De La RivaSerge Dedina
City of Blue LakeCity of BerkeleyCity of Santa MonicaCity of MaywoodCity of Imperial Beach
Humboldt CountyAlameda CountyLos Angeles CountyLos Angeles CountySan Diego County
Rick DeGoliaJohn Dell'OssoJim DiazPaul DohringScott Donahue
Vice MayorMayorCouncilmemberCouncilmemberCouncilmember
City of AthertonCity of CotatiCity of ClaytonCity of St. HelenaCity of Emeryville
San Mateo CountySonoma CountyContra Costa CountyNapa CountyAlameda County
Brian DossLinda DraperLori DrosteJohn DuranClementina Duron
Board MemberCouncilmemberCouncilmemberCouncilmemberVice President
Albany USDCity of OrovilleCity of BerkeleyCity of West HollywoodAlbany USD
Alameda CountyButte CountyAlameda CountyLos Angeles CountyAlameda County
Carol Dutra-Vernacilynn edmondsSean Elo-RiveraJohn EricksonRodrigo Espinoza
MayorCouncilmemberCouncilmemberCity CouncilmemberSupervisor
City of Union CityCity of FillmoreCity of San DiegoCity of West HollywoodBoard of Supervisors
Alameda CountyVentura CountySan Diego CountyLos Angeles CountyMerced County
Emmanuel EstradaMarilyn Ezzy AshcraftPaul FadelliJohn FasanaAlexis Fineman
City of Baldwin ParkCity of AlamedaCity of El CerritoCity of DuarteCity of San Anselmo
Los Angeles CountyAlameda CountyContra Costa CountyLos Angeles CountyMarin County
Alex FischD'Lynda FischerMaggie FishmanDominic FoppoliSuza Francina
MayorVice MayorTrusteeMayorCouncilmember
City of Culver CityCity of PetalumaSRJC Board of TrusteesTown of WindsorCity of Ojai
Los Angeles CountySonoma CountySonoma CountySonoma CountyVentura County
Lucas FrerichsJohn FriedrichDebora FudgePatrick FureyJill Galvez
Vice MayorCity CouncilmemberCouncilmemberMayorCouncilmember
City of DavisCity of South Lake TahoeCity of WindsorCity of TorranceCity of Chula Vista
Yolo CountyEl Dorado CountySonoma CountyLos Angeles CountySan Diego County
Frank GarciaLisa GauthierJill GayaldoGary Ge'NellLakhvir Ghag
CouncilmemberVice MayorCouncilmemberMayorCouncilmember
City of MaywoodCity of East Palo AltoCity of RocklinCity of AlbanyCity of Live Oak
Los Angeles CountySanta Clara CountyPlacer CountyAlameda CountySutter County
Elizabeth GibbonsBruce GibsonNoralea GipnerRoger GitlinRenee Goddard
MayorSupervisorCouncilmemberSupervisorVice Mayor
City of CampbellCity of San Luis ObispoCity of MartinezCounty AdministrationCity of Fairfax
Santa Clara CountySan Luis Obispo CountyContra Costa CountyDel Norte CountyMarin County
Leah GoldMichael GoldmanAaron GomezShanthi GonzalesRubio Gonzalez
MayorCouncilmemberCouncilmemberVice PresidentCouncilmember
City of HealdsburgCity of SunnyvaleCity of San Luis ObispoOakland USDCity of Pomona
Sonoma CountySanta Clara CountySan Luis Obispo CountyAlameda CountyLos Angeles County
Tim GoodrichJohn GoodwinMorgan GoodwinJames GoreSusan Gorin
CouncilmemberCouncilmemberVice MayorSupervisorBoard Vice Chair
City of TorranceCity of ColmaTown of TruckeeCounty AdministrationCounty Administration
Los Angeles CountySan Mateo CountyNevada CountySonoma CountySonoma County
Martha GuerreroLaurie GuillenSarah Glade GurneyMarcia GuthrieAlan Haffa
City of West SacramentoCity of ParamountCity of SebastopolCity of Pismo BeachCity of Monterey
Yolo CountyLos Angeles CountySonoma CountySan Luis Obispo CountyMonterey County
Sophie HahnHeidi HallWayne HammarDavid HamptonErin Hannigan Andrews
CouncilmemberBoard ChairTreasurer-Tax CollectorCouncilmemberSupervisor
City of BerkeleyCounty AdministrationCounty AdministrationCity of City of Rio VistaCounty Administration
Alameda CountyNevada CountySiskiyou CountySolano CountySolano County
John HarabedianHeidi HarmonAmy HarringtonKate HarrisonSusan Harvey
City of Sierra MadreCity of San Luis ObispoCity of SonomaCity of BerkeleyCity of Cotati
Los Angeles CountySan Luis Obispo CountySonoma CountyAlameda CountySonoma County
John HaschakJohn HeaddingMike HealyLesa HeebnerJudy Hegenauer
SupervisorMayorVice MayorMayorCouncilmember
County AdministrationMorro BayCity of PetalumaCity of Solana BeachCity of Solano Beach
Mendocino CountySan Luis Obispo CountySonoma CountySan Diego CountySan Diego County
John HeilmanFelipe HernandezHerman HernandezAlison HicksSue Higgins
Mayor Pro TemCouncilmemberBoard MemberCouncilmemberCouncilmember
City of West HollywoodCity of WatsonvilleOffice of EducationCity of Mountain ViewCity of Oakley
Los Angeles CountySanta Cruz CountySonoma CountySanta Clara CountyContra Costa County
Sam HindiSara HinkleyNeysa HintonKellie HinzeKimberly Ho
City of Foster CityAlbany USDCity of SebastopolCity of EncinitasCity of Westminster
San Mateo CountyAlameda CountySonoma CountySan Diego CountyOrange County
Hilary HodgeDennis HoffmanDonald HolleyReuben HoloberChristy Holstege
City of Grass ValleyCity of OrlandCity of MaderaCity of MillbraeCity of Palm Springs
Nevada CountyGlenn CountyMadera CountySan Mateo CountyRiverside County
Cynthia HomenLynda HopkinsShari HorneChristian HorvathStephen Houlahan
City of PattersonCounty AdministrationCity of Laguna WoodsCity of Redondo BeachCity of Santee
Stanislaus CountySonoma CountyOrange CountyLos Angeles CountySan Diego County
Scott HuberPeter HuebnerRobert HuittRachel HundleySudhanshu Jain
CouncilmemberSupervisorMayor Pro TemCouncilmemberCouncil Member
City of ChicoCounty AdministrationCity of Pacific GroveCity of SonomaCity of Santa Clara
Butte CountySierra CountyMonterey CountySonoma CountySanta Clara County
Brady JenkinsChristopher JimenezClaudia JimenezJohnny JohnstonDianne Jones
CouncilmemberCity ClerkCouncilmemberMayorTrustee
City of FirebaughCity of MontebelloCity of RichmondCity of OjaiFremont USD
Fresno CountyLos Angeles CountyContra Costa CountyVentura CountyAlameda County
Mark JosephDan KalbJoe KalmickSydney Kamlager-DoveSamuel Kang
Vice MayorCouncilmemberMayorState SenatorCouncilmember
City of American CanyonCity of OaklandCity of Seal BeachDistrict 30City of Duarte
Napa CountyAlameda CountyOrange CountyLos Angeles CountyLos Angeles County
Rebecca KaplanStuart KasdinJenny KassanNorma Kastner-JaureguiAndy Katz
CouncilmemberCouncilmemberCity CouncilmemberMayor Pro TemBoard Member
City of OaklandCity of GoletaCity of FremontCity of BrawleyEast Bay MUD
Alameda CountySanta Barbara CountyAlameda CountyImperial CountyAlameda County
Steven KearneyJenny KenoyerFarrah KhanMarina KhubesrianDavid King
Mayor Pro-TemCouncilmemberMayorCouncilmemberCouncilmember
City of LawndaleCity of ModestoCity of IrvineCity of South PasadenaCity of Petaluma
Los Angeles CountyStanislaus CountyOrange CountyLos Angeles CountySonoma County
Valerie KlinefelterJohn Knox WhiteManu KoenigPaul KoretzGeoff Kors
CouncilmemberVice MayorSupervisorCouncilmemberCouncilmember
City of PlymouthCity of AlamedaBoard of SupervisorsCity of Los AngelesCity of Palm Springs
Amador CountyAlameda CountySanta Cruz CountyLos Angeles CountyRiverside County
Gary KrausChris KrohnSheila KuehlDavid KunhardtJames Kyriaco
CouncilmemberCouncilmemberSupervisorCouncilmemberMayor Pro Tem
City of CalistogaCity of Santa CruzCounty AdministrationCity of Corte MaderaCity of Goleta
Napa CountySanta Cruz CountyLos Angeles CountyMarin CountySanta Barbara County
Peter LacquesSara LamninMark LandmanNeal LattBrett Lee
CouncilmemberCouncilmemberCouncilmemberDirectorMayor Pro Tem
Town of Fairfax TownCity of HaywardCity of CotatiMunicipal Water DistrictCity of Chico
Marin CountyAlameda CountySonoma CountyHumboldt CountyYolo County
Wayne J LeeDaniel LeeWill LeeEsther LemusClifford Lentz
Vice MayorCouncilmemberMayorVice MayorCouncilmember
City of MillbraeCity of Culver CityCity of Fort BraggCity of WindsorCity of Brisbane
San Mateo CountyLos Angeles CountyMendocino CountySonoma CountySan Mateo County
John LeopoldHenry LevyAndrew LewisVictor LinaresTodd Loewenstein
County AdministrationCounty AdministrationNorth Westwood NBHD CouncilCity of CovinaCity of Redondo Beach
Santa Cruz CountyAlameda CountyLos Angeles CountyLos Angeles CountyLos Angeles County
Corina LopezJesse LorenEric LucanChristina LuceroLange Luntao
CouncilmemberCouncilmemberMayorBoard PresidentPresident
City of San LeandroCity of WintersCity of NovatoBaldwin Park USDStockton USD
Alameda CountyYolo CountyMarin CountyLos Angeles CountySan Joaquin County
Karina MaciasJake MackenzieOscar MadrigalSteve MadroneDiana Mahmud
City of City of Huntington ParkCity of Rohert ParkCity of OxnardCounty AdministrationCity of South Pasadena
Los Angeles CountySonoma CountyVentura CountyHumboldt CountyLos Angeles County
Andrea MarrDeirdre MartinYanely MartinezDianne MartinezEduardo Martinez
Mayor Pro TemMayor Pro TemMayor Pro TemMayorCouncilmember
City of Costa MesaCity of PacificaCity of GreenfieldCity of EmeryvilleCity of Richmond
Orange CountySan Mateo CountyMonterey CountyAlameda CountyContra Costa County
Yvonne Martinez-BeltranJustin MasseyShelly MasurShaun McCafferyKevin McKeown
City of Morgan HillCity of Hermosa BeachCity of Redwood CityCity of HealdsburgCity of Santa Monica
Santa Clara CountyLos Angeles CountySan Mateo CountySonoma CountyLos Angeles County
Gayle McLaughlinYamine-Imani McMorrinPeggy McQuaidMarty MedinaLauren Meister
CouncilmemberCouncilmemberVice MayorVice MayorMayor Pro Tem
City of RichmondCity of Culver CityCity of AlbanyCity of San BrunoCity of West Hollywood
Contra Costa CountyLos Angeles CountyAlameda CountySan Mateo CountyLos Angeles County
Cecilia MendezHeidi MessnerNate MileyKatherine MillerManuel Minjares
TrusteeCouncilmemberVice PresidentSupervisorCouncilmember
Stockton USDCity of EurekaBoard of SupervisorsCounty AdministrationCity of Fillmore
San Joaquin CountyHumboldt CountyAlameda CountySan Joaquin CountyVentura County
Judith MitchellStanley MokJose MorenoKati MoultonRochelle Nason
Mayor Pro TemCouncilpersonCouncilmemberCouncilmemberMayor
City of Rolling Hill EstatesCity of Los Altos HillsCity of AnaheimCity of EurekaCity of Albany
Los Angeles CountySanta Clara CountyOrange CountyHumboldt CountyAlameda County
Joe NaujokasMichael NichollsMike O'NeillRobert OcampoJose Ornelas
City of HealdsburgLower Russian River MACCity of PacificaAlisal Union School DistrictCity of San Joaquin
Sonoma CountySonoma CountySan Mateo CountyMonterey CountyFresno County
Elsa OrtizKarl OryBryan OsorioSkylaer PalaciosKen Palfini
Vice PresidentCouncilmemberMayorCouncilmemberMayor
Alameda-Contra Costa TransitCity of ChicoCity of DelanoCity of HealdsburgCity of Weed
Alameda CountyButte CountyKern CountySonoma CountySiskiyou County
Rochelle Pardue-OkimotoColin ParentJane ParkerLinda ParksR. Rex Parris
City of El CerritoCity of La MesaCounty of MontereyCity of VenturaCity of Lancaster
Contra Costa CountySan Diego CountyMonterey CountyVentura CountyLos Angeles County
Skylar PeakJeannine PearceAndy PeaseH.E. Christian PeeplesDeborah Penrose
Mayor Pro TemCouncilmemberCouncilmemberDirectorCouncilmember
City of MalibuCity of Long BeachCity of San Luis ObispoAlameda-Contra Costa TransitCity of Half Moon Bay
Los Angeles CountyLos Angeles CountySan Luis Obispo CountyAlameda CountySan Mateo County
Jan PepperRaul PeralezSofia PereiraFelipe PerezPaula Perotte
Vice MayorCouncilmemberMayorCouncilmemberMayor
City of Los AltosCity of San JoseCity of ArcataCity of FirebaughCity of Goleta
Santa Clara CountySanta Clara CountyHumboldt CountyFresno CountySanta Barbara County
Kristen PetersenMikke PiersonNick PilchDave PinePaul Pitino
City of CapitolaCity of MalibuCity of AlbanyBoard of SupervisorsCity of Arcata
Santa Cruz CountyLos Angeles CountyAlameda CountySan Mateo CountyHumboldt County
Dennis PocekayDavid PollockThomas PowellJim ProvenzaSiri Pulipati
CouncilmemberMayor Pro TemCouncilmemberBoard ChairCouncilmember
City of PetalumaCity of Moor ParkCity of WaterfordBoard of SupervisorsCity of Rancho Cordova
Sonoma CountyVentura CountyStanislaus CountyYolo CountySacramento County
Brandon PursellCaitlin QuinnGabriel QuintoRobert RaburnCarmen Ramirez
CouncilmemberTrusteeCouncilmemberDirectorMayor Pro Tem
City of KingsburgPetaluma City SchoolsCity of El CerritoBART Board of DirectorsCity of Oxnard
Fresno CountySonoma CountyContra Costa CountyAlameda CountyVentura County
Alex RandolphHarvey RarbackJohn ReedDaniel ReidRob Rennie
City College of San FranciscoCity of Half Moon BayTown of FairfaxCity of LawndaleCity of Los Gatos
San Francisco CountySan Mateo CountyMarin CountyLos Angeles CountySanta Clara County
Cynthia ReplogleArlis ReynoldsChris RicciKyle RichardsJohn Richards
DirectorCouncilmemberCouncilmemberMayor Pro TemCouncilmember
Oceano Community Services DistrictCity of Costa MesaCity of ModestoCity of GoletaTown of Portola Valley
San Luis Obispo CountyOrange CountyStanislaus CountySanta Barbara CountySan Mateo County
Margarita RiosJohn RizzoClyde RobersonJ.R. RobertsDeborah Robertson
City of NorwalkCity College of San FranciscoCity of MontereyCity of Palm SpringsCity of Rialto
Los Angeles CountySan Francisco CountyMonterey CountyRiverside CountySan Bernardino County
Derek RobinsonRigel RobinsonAnthony RochaDennis RodoniChris Rogers
CouncilmemberCity CouncilmemberCity CouncilmemberBoard PresidentVice Mayor
City of MaderaCity of BerkeleyCity of SalinasBoard of SupervisorsCity of Santa Rosa
Madera CountyAlameda CountyMonterey CountyMarin CountySonoma County
Natalie RogersCarlos RomeroAbigail Rosales-MedinaErin Ruark-MinettDeborah Ruddock
Vice MayorMayorPresidentCouncilmemberVice Mayor
City of Santa RosaCity of East Palo AltoSan Bernardino City USDCity of Nevada CityCity of Half Moon Bay
Sonoma CountySanta Clara CountySan Bernardino CountyNevada CountySan Mateo County
Victoria RuffinErik RybergMeghan Sahli-WellsSam SalmonRebecca Saltzman
Board MemberMayorCouncilmemberCouncilmemberVice President
Antelope Valley Union HSDCity of EtnaCity of Culver CityTown of WindsorBART Board of Directors
Los Angeles CountySiskiyou CountyLos Angeles CountySonoma CountyAlameda County
Jesus SandovalMichael SaundersJohn SawyerDon SaylorSteven Scharf
City of FontanaPublic Utility DistrictCity of Santa RosaBoard of SupervisorsCity of Cupertino
San Bernardino CountyEl Dorado CountySonoma CountyYolo CountySanta Clara County
Lisa SchmidtAnn SchneiderNick SchultzAnn SchwabbTom Schwedhelm
City of Los Altos HillsCity of MillbraeCity of BurbankCity of ChicoCity of Santa Rosa
Santa Clara CountySan Mateo CountyLos Angeles CountyButte CountySonoma County
Kathrin SearsMariam ShahSepi ShyneJose SigalaLateefah Simon
SupervisorMayor Pro TemCouncilmemberMayorDirector
County of MarinCity of Grover BeachCity of West HollywoodCity of TulareBART Board of Directors
Marin CountySan Luis Obispo CountyLos Angeles CountyTulare CountyAlameda County
Fred SimonWendy SkillmanThomas SmallChristopher SmithNaresh Solanki
CouncilmemberCouncilmemberCouncilmemberCity CouncilmemberMayor
City of San LeandroCity of CotatiCity of Culver CityCity of OakdaleCity of Cerritos
Alameda CountySonoma CountyLos Angeles CountyStanislaus CountyLos Angeles County
Salvador Solorio-RuizAlejandro Soto-VigilRene SpringTara SreekrishnanHildy Stern
City of DelanoCity of BerkeleyCity of Morgan HillSanta Clara County BOECity of Manhattan Beach
Kern CountyAlameda CountySanta Clara CountySanta Clara CountyLos Angeles County
Randall StoneGreer StoneCharles StoneDuane StrawserMadge Strong
MayorCouncilmemberMayorVice MayorCouncilmember
City of ChicoCity of Palo AltoCity of BelmontCity of Nevada CityCity of Willits
Butte CountySanta Clara CountySan Mateo CountyNevada CountyMendocino County
Linda SwanAli TajElizabeth TalbottEd TaoLoren Taylor
City of Los Altos HillsCity of ArtesiaCity of CouncilmemberCity of Laguna WoodsCity of Oakland
Santa Clara CountyLos Angeles CountyStanislaus CountyOrange CountyAlameda County
Kara TaylorJack TibbettsRoseann TorresJennifer Torres OcallaghanJonathan Torrez
CouncilmemberCouncilmemberDirectorVice MayorCouncilmember
City of PlacervilleCity of Santa RosaOakland USDCity of LathropCity of Point Arena
El Dorado CountySonoma CountyAlameda CountySan Joaquin CountyMendocino County
Igor TregubSteve TrujilloJason TurnerRowena TurnerChristopher Ungar
City of BerkeleyCabrillo College Board of TrusteesCity of CloverdaleCity of Monte SerenoSan Luis Coastal USD
Alameda CountySanta Cruz CountySonoma CountySanta Clara CountySan Luis Obispo County
Susan UpchurchSilvia VacaNestor ValenciaKatie ValenzuelaCharles Varni
Chief of StaffPresidentCouncilmemberCity CouncilmemberTreasurer
Supervisor Lynda HopkinsWilliams USDCity of ValenicaCity of SacramentoOceano Advisory Council
Sonoma CountyColusa CountyLos Angeles CountySacramento CountySan Luis Obispo County
Sue VateriausCheryl Viegas-WalkerMiguel VillapuduaPaula VillescazMarni von Wilpert
Mayor Pro TemMayorSupervisorAssistant SecretaryCouncilmember
City of PacificaCity of El CentroBoard of SupervisorCalifornia Health & Human ServicesCity of San Diego
San Mateo CountyImperial CountySan Joaquin CountySacramento CountySan Diego County
Brad WagenknechtBarbara WagnerJefferson WagnerChristopher WardRichey Wasserman
SupervisorMayor Pro TemCouncilmemberState AssemblymemberCouncilmember
Napa CountyCity of Mt. ShastaCity of MalibuDistrict 78City of Point Arena
Napa CountySiskiyou CountyLos Angeles CountySan Diego CountyLake County
Martine WatkinsBrett WatsonJonathan WeinbergChristy WeirGeorge Weiss
MayorVice MayorCouncilmemberCouncilmemberCouncilmember
City of Santa CruzCity of ArcataCity of Los AltosCity of VenturaCity of Laguna Beach
Santa Cruz CountyHumboldt CountySanta Clara CountyVentura CountyOrange County
Susan WengrafJack WestKevin WilkJon WilleyDas Williams
City of BerkeleyCity of TrinidadCity of Walnut CreekCity of CupertinoCity of Santa Barbara
Alameda CountyHumboldt CountyContra Costa CountySanta Clara CountySanta Barbara County
Ted WilliamsAndy WilsonJon WizardGus WolterJenny Wong
Vice ChairVice MayorCouncilmemberVice MayorCity Auditor
Board of SupervisorsCity of PasadenaCity of SeasideCity of CloverdaleCity of Berkeley
Mendocino CountyLos Angeles CountyMonterey CountySonoma CountyAlameda County
Robert WunderlichDaniel YostFrancisco ZermeñoDavid ZitoSteven Zuckerman
City of Beverly HillsTown of WintersCity of HaywardCity of Solana BeachCity of Rolling Hills Estates
Los Angeles CountySan Mateo CountyAlameda CountySan Diego CountyLos Angeles County

*Titles reflect elected position at the time of signing.

** Updated based on current law and science


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