Media Coordinator

We're now accepting applications for Media Coordinator

Elected Officials to Protect America seeks a skilled communications and multimedia professional with a track record of producing compelling written, video, social media, online, and media content for organizations, advocacy efforts, or political campaigns. The Media Coordinator will supercharge our media content and engagement as we inspire and organize state and local elected officials to lead on the climate emergency, environmental justice, and land and water protection. 

The ideal candidate has a strong experience in writing content and producing video and social media content. This media specialist must have a passion for climate and environmental justice, and knowledge of political and social change organizing.

Elected Officials to Protect America is committed to centering, connecting, and supporting leadership of public servants who represent frontline and historically marginalized communities. Indigenous people, people of color, women and LGBTQ+ people, and people from immigrant and working-class backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.


Elected Officials to Protect America (EOPA) is a network of current and former elected officials who care deeply about protecting our planet and people. EOPA is committed to solving the climate crisis, ensuring environmental justice, and protecting our lands and waters. We educate through value-based storytelling, training lawmakers, and connecting elected officials to inspire strong environmental leadership. 

Led by representatives from frontline communities and lawmakers who are veterans, EOPA has a consistent track record of successfully organizing elected officials to promote bold climate action. In New York, our network of more than a thousand lawmakers played a key role in banning fracking statewide and divesting the state from fossil fuels. In California, we organized more than 400 elected officials to help prompt Governor Newsom to declare an end to oil and announce 3,200-foot setbacks on oil and gas drilling. At our nation’s capital, we organized veterans who are lawmakers from 50 states to secure permanent funding for the U.S. Land and Water Conservation Fund. We organized hundreds of elected officials to advance the Green New Deal and phase out fossil fuels.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary leadership. With the accelerating climate emergency, environmental injustices, and ecological crises, the window of opportunity to protect our planet and people is shrinking. With President Biden elevating climate as a key national security priority, we are expanding our work to inspire public officials to leverage our collective power to protect our communities and nation.

Our work has been covered in hundreds of news outlets including the New York TimesWashington Post, LA Times,Politico, CNN, ABC News, and BBC News. Our video production arm, Code Blue, has exposed Saudi Arabia buying up American water, which was later covered in The Guardian.

Now, we are organizing thousands of state and local lawmakers, led by lawmakers who are veterans and represent frontline communities, to mobilize our nation to enact a federal Climate Emergency Plan to create a rapid, just transition away from fossil fuels to 100% clean energy, and take imperative action at state and local levels to protect our public health, communities, and ensure environmental justice.

Our Core Principles:

  • Public Stewardship. Elected officials are publicly entrusted to steward our communities, democracy, and future. We believe it is the responsibility of our elected officials, who take a constitutional oath of office to protect the general welfare, to represent and act to secure the common, long-term interests of all who they represent, including marginalized peoples, children, future generations, and all life. 
  • Courageous Leadership. Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary leadership. When a problem threatens our public welfare, it is the responsibility of our elected officials to step up and lead the solution. The consequences of failing to address the climate and ecological emergencies are so severe that it threatens our survival as a nation.
  • Collective Power. We have the power to join together and collectively lead, no matter the challenge. When a problem crosses jurisdictional boundaries, our elected officials must come together to provide collective leadership to solve the problem. We must provide the collective leadership necessary to protect our people and communities and restore our environment and democracy.


If you are a multimedia professional, and prolific content creator with a track record of producing compelling written, video, social media, online, and media content, knowledge of political and social change organizing, and are excited about inspiring elected officials to protect our planet and people, this may just be the perfect job for you.

The ideal candidate has a strong experience in writing content and producing video and social media content. This media specialist must have a passion for climate and environmental justice, and knowledge of political and social change organizing.

While no candidate will bring all of the following skills, experiences, and characteristics, ideal candidates will bring most:

Excellent media engagement and public communication skills

  • Media savvy & pitching: knowledge of news media and whom to go to for press releases, op-ed publication, and coverage. 
  • Public relations: competent with EOPA’s objectives in media, social, and web. Talented in communications, messaging, digital marketing, and public relations. 
  • Public communication: strong written and oral communication skills for fact-based, values-centered storytelling for news media, policymakers, and a range of stakeholder groups statewide and nationally.
  • Writing; excellent written communication and proofreading skills. Newspaper reporting experience is a plus.

Exceptional multimedia content creation skills

  • Video editing: proficient with video editing software to create professionally-edited, compelling videos for audio and visual values-based storytelling.
  • Social media: prolific in creating highly-engaging and accurate social media content that inspires action.
  • Website content: proficient with WordPress or similar development tools.
  • Creativity: generates innovative ideas, media content, and approaches

Strong professional experience and ability to work with policymakers

  • High quality: produces consistent quality results quickly. All releases, advisories, statements, op-eds, and social posts are proofread with minimum errors
  • Self-management: robust work ethic, and effective time management and organizational skills, including the ability to manage multiple projects. Commitment to continual learning and professional development
  • Environmental policy: knowledge of climate, environmental justice, and land and water protection public policy, advocacy, and political change.
  • Inclusive: A commitment to diversity and inclusion, demonstrated by inviting, including, valuing, and supporting diverse perspectives, voices, and ideas.

Desirable qualifications, but not required:

  • Website design and development: skilled in website design and development software for desktop and mobile browsers, SEO optimization, Google analytics, and third-party application integrations.
  • Graphic design: proficient with graphic creation software to create professionally-looking, compelling graphics for visual storytelling.


The mission of the Media Coordinator is to create and share outstanding, high-quality multimedia content to advance EOPA’s purpose, core principles, mission, strategic goals, and program objectives of inspiring, organizing, and supporting elected officials to protect our people and planet.

Strategic outcomes of the role:

  • EOPA produces outstanding, high-quality media content featuring leading elected officials and policy solutions, educates on important issues, delivers messages consistent with our mission and program objectives.  
  • EOPA video content is excellently produced and compelling, using visual values-based storytelling to share our message.   
  • EOPA elected officials and our programs are covered regularly in the news media and we have built credible relationships with reporters. 
  • Our social media presence is continuously up to date with compelling content that delivers our message and highlights our members. 
  • Our websites represent our organization and support effective organizing and fundraising. 

Specific accountabilities and outcomes of the role:

  • Video editing and sharing: compelling, high-quality video content using visual values-based storytelling is produced to share our message. Powerful video content is widely circulated and used.
  • Media engagement, cultivation, and pitching: Relationships are cultivated with reporters and media outlets to cover our news releases
  • Media hits tracking: News hits are captured, tracked, and posted online in a timely manner to show the impact of EOPA
  • Social media strategy: results-driven social media strategy is developed and executed in support of EOPA’s purpose, mission, strategic goals, and program objectives
  • Social media content: compelling, relevant, high-quality, timely social media content is managed and created in alignment with our mission, achieving significant reach and substantial engagement with elected officials, funders, partners, and the media
  • Website content updating: websites are comprehensive, clear, and updated


  • Starting compensation $35,000 to $65,000 annually, commensurate with qualifications, experience, and location
  • Paid graduate education and premium training via University of San Francisco Certificate in Public Leadership ($10,000 tuition value) 
  • Location flexible: remote position
  • Flexible schedule
  • Opportunities for job advancement, pay increase, and significant responsibility in a growing start-up national organization
  • Contribute to a strategic, high-leverage initiatives with direct national, intational, local, and state policy impact
  • Exclusive networking with elected officials, government leaders, members of the media, national organizations, and funders across the country



Apply online here: 

Please note: a Google account is required to fill out the application form.

If the form is not accessible or for troubleshooting questions, please email:

In your cover letter, tell us what’s motivating you to apply, and what talents, skills, and expertise you have that will be most important in this role. 

Our hiring process is thorough. In addition to a screening interview and competency interview, we will conduct a chronological career history interview in which we ask about your entire career and professional development. Finalists are asked to arrange reference calls with some of your former managers, supervisors, and others.