50+ Bay Area Officials Call on Gov. Brown to Phase Out Oil and Gas Production in California

OAKLAND, Calif.— Echoing severe concerns that fossil fuel production threatens the health and safety of residents, scores of Bay Area officials are joining with more than 150 local officials from a majority of counties across California calling on Governor Jerry Brown calling for a statewide plan to phase out oil and gas drilling.

The growing network of state, county, and city officials, Elected Officials to Protect California, is taking action both within their respective districts and across California to end the extraction of dirty fossil fuel that harms their constituents and the environment. The network is urging Gov. Brown to take the first step by halting permits for new fossil fuel projects, prohibiting drilling within 2,500 feet of homes and vulnerable areas and committing the state to 100 percent renewable energy.

“Despite its reputation as a global climate leader, California is one of the nation’s top oil-producing states. As we see the crisis of growing fires, we should take the opportunity to improve both our economy and our public health by moving toward more sustainable transportation and energy strategies that benefit our community,” said Rebecca Kaplan, Councilmember, City of Oakland.