September 2019

450+ Elected Officials from 40 States

Climate change exasperates violence against women worldwide — Ginsburg’s example helped mitigate bad outcomes Elected officials say if Barrett is confirmed systemic injustices, women’s rights and climate issues will get worse Last month we lost a national icon, United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RGB). Ginsburg strengthened equal rights all, protections for women …

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After climate summit, 250 CA mayors, officials urge Gov. Brown to walk his talk, end permitting of fossil fuels

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— Days after Governor Jerry Brown hosted the U.N. Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, 250 mayors, county supervisors, and elected officials from a majority of counties across California are urging the Governor to walk his talk on climate leadership by creating a statewide plan to phase out oil and gas drilling that is harming public health and worsening climate change.

“The Governor says that no state has done more on climate change,” said Culver City Vice Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells, co-chair of Elected Officials to Protect California. “Tell that to the 5.4 million Californians that live with a mile of oil and gas wells, including in my community, breathing poisoned air from dirty drilling.”

A growing bipartisan network of state, county, and city officials, which launched as Elected Officials to Protect California in June, is continuing to press Gov. Brown and the state of California more broadly to end oil and gas drilling after the Summi